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for A Certain Charming Carol

1/1 c1 7JDog2K
Well this was a mishmash of fun, different characters of different franchises showing up as ghosts of Christmas and even Mathers

Well you definitely took a classic and adapted it to Toaru and other things in a unique way and that’s cool

If this is the start of something whacky then peddle to the meddle it looks like

Overall a fun read
12/31/2023 c1 7MrQuestionMark
I have no idea what I did to deserve the thanks at the end, haha. However, that being said, Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year yourself.

I have to say that this was very entertaining and surprising to say the least. Having Aleister as the focus and incorporating a lot of the Golden cabal members Index characters was something I didn't expect and I think you did it quite well. I know the template for this was taken from the original Dickens story, but that being said, the twists in the characters you used really gave it an Index twist.

Great job - looking forward to more.

Mr ?
12/30/2023 c1 1Average stuufy
FIRST REIVIEW IN FIRST WHY DID’NT YOU TELL US YOU UPLOADED SECOND Good story i liked it very nice and very wholesome
12/30/2023 c1 8SSJeanne35
First review


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