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for Makoto was her name

8/14/2005 c8 1Angelic Master
I'm used to suspense but this is crazy! U said you would post the last chapter (chapter nine) soon on your last update and that was forever ago! Hurry up and update I want to find out how this great story ends!
2/14/2004 c8 babymar-mar nsi
i wuv it ! plz write more!
8/21/2003 c1 Gara-chan
the resion Mako is diffrent is because she was born in another place another time and was rased diffrently of course she is not the same but now that she knows who she use to be then she will start changing back to how she once was if u dont understand please post here and I will explain to u
8/20/2003 c8 9mystlady
This came really surprising to me with Mako/Squal pairing! I;ve read a few Seifer/Mako stories out there. I'm kinda a stickler for Squall/Rinoa fanfics but I like to keep an open mind.

I'm really surprise that no one else is reviewing this except Emerald Flame and Girl of Darkness. Oi, Jupiter fics are really disappearing and a couple of other senshi fics. ::sweatdropped:: Damn you, Usagi! ::Ahem::

It's really cute and I know it's kinda hard to be descriptive but I think you gave your best shot! Kudos to you for your hardwork and creativity! Long live the overshadowed characters such as the inners/outers excluding Usagi!
8/20/2003 c8 5Tigeress Moon
I wouldn't go back. I hope they end up together.
8/20/2003 c8 4Lita of Jupiter
It's so sweet...

continue it... I hope that they'will

meet again..
8/20/2003 c2 Lita of Jupiter
Such a cute pairing...this the first

i've seen of it.. always wanted to read it...

can't belive I didn't see it before...

only one thing Mako is a little OC
8/16/2003 c7 4Fatal Mars
I think it is cute. I thought Makoto would kick those girls asses. She is ooc, but thats okay. I like it and I hope that you update this fic soon!
7/22/2003 c7 Dark Emerald FlameNSI
Aw that was so cute!Squall and Makoto look so cute together. I thought I was the only one who thought that.

This is the first story I found with that pairing. The lil scene was so CUTE! hehehe*huggles Squall plushie*

He better be nice to Mako-chan or Haruka will go after his butt.

Update soon ok. *hugs Gara-chan* Your doing a wonderful job on this story.

Ja ne


Ja ne
7/21/2003 c6 Dark Emerald FlameNSI
*stands there with mouth open* OMG Seifer is pure evil. hehehe but I still love him.

Poor Squall his heart must be broken. *sniff.sniff* Aw I wanna know what happens next. I need to know. Plz plz plz plz.

Cliffys get so interesting. Lol.

Update soon.

Ja ne
7/17/2003 c5 Dark Emerald Flamenot signed in
*mouth drops* Makoto and Seifer. He'll hurt her. i have a question why didn't Makoto fight back against those girls? She could have taken them.

Why did Seifer take her chain? huh huh huh? I want to know. Update lol I want o know what happens next. Squall's mean, he knows what Seifer can do to her if she doesn't watch it.

Hehehe*scratched the back of her head* Um...sorry got over excited. Anyway update soon ok. Email me when you update ok sometimes I forget to check for updates.

Ja ne

7/16/2003 c4 Dark Emerald FlameNSI
*cries* Aw poor Mako-chan. Please continue this.

It was really good only a few minor mistakes. You can always find someone to edit your stories for you.

Keep up the good work. And Update soon! I want to see what happens next.

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