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for Harry Potter Goes on Crusade

2/29 c3 SamonIllmantrim
I really like this story. It's fun, interesting, and cool.
2/6 c3 Armiture
I remember there were strange temporal anomalies in the B5 episode where B4 showed up for a few hours before it was sent back 1000 years. I assume that since only Harry and his gear was sent back less than 300 years, it took far less energy and didn't create any external temporal anomalies.

I look forward to reading what happens next, thanks for the enjoyable chapter.

PS it's called tartar sauce, tartare is a raw meat dish. Those pesky spellcheckers and grammar checkers don't spot the use of the wrong word all that well.
2/1 c2 Armiture
Those are some interesting developments but did Gideon actually die or was he kidnapped by yet another unknown alien meddling with human affairs? Time and future chapters will tell. I'm liking this series and wish I could remember what little I saw of Crusade better. The execs who took over the Crusade project had their heads so far up their asses it was ridiculous.
1/15 c1 Andrew Lee Houghton
this is wired story not aurewhat to make of it not enough information. seams like time is rewriting it self
1/13 c1 starboy454
excellent start

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