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for I Can't Believe I Reincarnated as a Slime

5/16 c2 wtf faggot
fuck tht sasu/naru shit that faggot shit needs to stop delete it fucking faggot
2/17 c5 SparkySparkpaw
the chapter is a bit messed up writing wise
2/17 c5 8AlphaWolf00117
still a good chapter, but its harder to read without the paragraph breaks
2/17 c5 AlphaWolf00117
ya might want to fix the spaces and the paragraphs, nothing was seperated
2/4 c4 AlphaWolf00117
i cant wait for more
1/25 c2 AlphaWolf00117
its very well put together, I enjoy the thought of them immediately recognizing kurama, though i feel like sonce they came together in one body that it wouldnt cause interference to naruto. just a thought

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