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for Tarnished of the Shield

3/29 c3 2LeahxcimLokiBlack
Very interesting concept, I am looking forward to reading more.
3/20 c3 Argorok
Interesting story so far, please keep up the good work.
3/17 c3 Nitroman98
Great chapter keep up the good work.
3/17 c3 81Perseus12
YES! Tarnished and Marika are NOW full-fledged members of Naofumi's Shield Party! SUCKS TO YOU, Trash (Aultcray), Bitch (Malty/Myne), Fanatical Moron (Balmus), and Three Stooges (Itsuki, Ren and Motoyasu)! I'll wait to read the next chapter.
3/12 c2 The Disquieting One
good read. will add this to Shield hero & Elden ring's fanfic recs on tv tropes
3/2 c2 Perseus12
Whelp, Trash King and Bitch Princess including the Fanatical Moron aka Pope Balmus are in BIG TROUBLE! I'll wait to read the next chapter.
2/19 c1 12DeathlyJazzHands55
Loved this. Can't wait for the next chapter. I await eagerly
2/19 c1 dvd3
interesting... in my experience this story is a toss of a coin between becoming shit and an interesting piece... tho from the lenght of the chapter... i just hope your hand will be guided by heart and not eagerness
2/17 c1 dannyfactation
I need more you've done an amazing job at this
2/7 c1 ah
Will read
2/4 c1 1Da Lone Ranger
this is a good story I hope you continue
1/31 c1 santiagosiquina762
Interesting, this could be incredibly entertaining depending on the dispositions that the tarnished and marika have, especially towards other nobility. I’d love to see where this goes
1/31 c1 RonaldVexdian
Interesting crossover idea, but has the potential to be really cool. So this Tarnished has basically done countless NG runs for how many times before being taken away alongside Marika.
This means where dealing with someone who has countless experience fighting with a metric amount of stuff.

I can’t wait for them to join Naofumi’s team, and show off how powerful they are. Not sure how strong Marika is, but considering how excited she is for adventure, she should be good. I wonder how the other three heroes will react to their presence?

I hope at least one of them remarks that the Tarnished is similar to a series they’ve seen before. Though I see Motoyasu flirting with Marika and pissing her off. Lookout Malty and the Church, you got a storm coming for ya.

I am interested in who else has managed to enter the would as well, might lead to some interesting encounters. I have a cool idea that would be awesome to see. Maybe after season one and the church is defeated, Mirellia grants them land to form another kingdom.

And season two is them build said kingdom and also helping Naofumi with connections and support. Oh, maybe have Marika just tear into Aultcray for his terrible actions destroying his wife’s kingdom.

As for parings, considering Marika calls the Tarnished her consort, I’m getting they be a couple at some point in the story. I wouldn’t mind Mirellia also becoming a love interest given how her husband acted.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this story goes.
1/30 c1 81Perseus12
Interesting story.
1/30 c1 atalayates95
an unusual crossover but I liked. According to story tarnished played countless ng soo he has all items multiple times. I want to see naofumi using erdtree greatshield and one-eyed shield's ashes of war.
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