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for Winter War: An OC Tale

4/8 c5 217Cosmic Sky
A pretty nice chapter that sets up a bunch of bigger things. Shinigami drinking scotch, especially Ukitake, is something I never knew I needed until I read that scene. I'm hoping this won't be the last time Kenzo and Ukitake share some drinks together, and for that matter the last time Kenzo shares some drinks with anyone.

I've got a strong feeling Tier's going to take a liking to Emi and the other orphans. Oh, and that this just made her think more highly of Kenzo. It'll be nice to see them return to the orphanage, after they've weathered the coming storm of course.
2/14 c3 5plums
He feels really weak for a hundred year old Shinigami. Getting beat up by random civilians, etc.
2/14 c2 Guest
In the second chapter kenzo used his shikai release not his bankai release just to let you know.
2/4 c1 5TheFaroh
Oh? A revised version of the fic with Daisuke? Kinda surprised to see this back. I guess since your pretty close to the One Piece animemanga you can write this in the meantime.

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