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for Towards an Uncertain Future

2/19 c2 219Cosmic Sky
Cecilia's reaction was rather on point with Roy's attempt to save Idunn. Morally speaking, the right thing to do. Nearly dying in doing so? Yeah, that's where a line can be drawn, but hey, they managed to dig him out and he was none the worse for wear. I'm pretty sure that near-death experience helped Cecilia realize how she really felt about Roy, though I like how you really showed she's been thinking about his confession since the last chapter (two weeks in-story, pretty good time).

Nothing like the love of your life saying yes to your marriage proposal to make you forget about your injuries! Seriously though, that was a lovely image followed by Cecilia's realization she genuinely wanted to spend the rest of her life with Roy.

The aftermath as they thought of how to break the news to their friends, family, and the general public was pretty funny. Cecilia feeling (supposedly) not jealously but nervousness when Lilina was brought up was a nice touch. Pretty much everyone in-universe, and I'd argue out of universe, would assume she and Roy would end up together, but he cleared the air of that notion in a nice and direct manner. Finally came my favorite part, what to do about Roy's legions of suitors. Lilina may have been a special case, but those ladies, well...I've got a hunch Cecilia would have been pretty blunt in letting them know Roy was officially taken.

Just my personal input, but I'd love a third bonus chapter showing either their wedding or them settling into their married lives. That could include some exerts from their families, including Eliwood, who held on long enough to see his son get married. Just my thoughts on what you could include in a third chapter. Still, overall, nice work! Oh, and I liked the mental image of Roy being a few inches taller than Cecilia after three years. A nice representation of how much time has passed and how he's grown into a man she's fallen in love with.
2/12 c1 Cosmic Sky
This has been an interesting take on Roy and Cecilia's relationship, one that I'm liking so far. One particular thing I like about it is you stretching the war out long enough that Roy's gone from his canonical 15 years to being 18/19, practically a young adult. For obvious reasons, most FE games have the main conflict wrap up in anywhere from a couple of weeks to perhaps a few months at best, a year not being uncommon but still a little rare. The idea of the war taking almost four years to finish is actually rather appealing, and I'd say sounds actually realistic. It's certainly given Roy and Cecilia enough time to develop romantic feelings for each other, even if the latter isn't aware of it...yet.

Speaking of them, another thing I liked was the little flare ups they had. For Roy, the ever-growing line of admirers and suitors he's racking up thanks to his accomplishments, and for Cecilia, her subconsciously jealously at those would-be suitors. Now that Roy's confessed, here's hoping she'll be able to realize that, and give him an answer (read: say yes!)
2/6 c1 3wolfboy0618
While I may not be very familiar with Fire Emblem, I can still say I like where your going with this story. I've always liked rare and age-gap pairings myself. Great work for your first story my friend.

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