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for A Christmas Carol

10/19/2003 c2 151Qoheleth
Dear Gabby-Hooch:

The concept for this story is just fine, and my quibble is entirely with the characters. However, when you consider what author you're imitating, that's a pretty serious quibble.

You may remember Chesterton's comment that, had Charles Dickens written the Sherlock Holmes stories, we wouldn't just remember Holmes, Watson and Moriarty; we'd remember everyone, right down to the boy who brought Holmes's morning paper. I don't expect you to attain quite that level (though, of course, I'd be delighted if you did,) but I do expect you to at least produce a memorable lead character, and you haven't. There is nothing wonderfully memorable about Padme, no special tics or habits or speech patterns - in fact, not even the delightful curmudgeonliness that made us remember the original Scrooge. One gets the impression that her entire person, her entire existence, could be reduced to two words - "Christmas, bah!"

All right, maybe three, if you wanted to throw in a "Humbug!"



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