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5/16 c8 220Cosmic Sky
Seems like Idunn's become a woman (dragon) on a mission. She's settled in and making small steps towards learning how to use her powers, though Ninian's situation nictitates she's going to have to make a big leap.

Mediating is at least going to help her with her focus, and it's taught her how to sense the quintessence in other beings. The idea that humans have a much smaller amount compared to dragons like her is a sound idea. She's also not wrong to consider the possibility of being found out and effectively chased out of Pherae. I mean, that scenario would basically be the backstory for a Fire Emblem villain. Hopefully she can avoid that, but in order to save Ninian, I feel like she's going to have to do SOMETHING big.

The idea of Roy being grounded actually benefiting her is a funny idea. Makes me excited to see what'll happen when his punishment is over and he's able to start running around gain; I've got a feeling he'll have some company (protection) with him when he does.

Glad that you brought back the story's resident motormouth, and gave her a name. Looking forward to more interactions between Idunn and Jenny! Talking with her is a great crash course in human interaction, that's for sure. Maybe at some point Idunn might be able to keep up with her, or Jenny will learn to slow down.

Like I said, Idunn's going to have to take a big step if she wants to save Ninian. It'll mean risking her identity, but I believe that' endear her to Eliwood and his family more so than anything.
5/13 c8 tl34lt12
Big yes if Idunn can save Ninian here

let her meddling help Roy and Eliwood
5/12 c8 146CitrusChickadee
Hey, good to see a new chapter! :D

Anyway, I don't recall a lot of specific details either, but Idunn's "sixth sense" with quintessence here reminds me a bit of Ninian and Nils being able to sense danger in FE7... Of course, it's not the exact same thing, but there's definitely some precedent for dragons having some kind of detection power! And meditating in general sounds like a good thing for Idunn to do; practice her powers and do something "peaceful" at the same time.

Also glad the chatterbox maid showed up again. Still a fun character, and, hey, she has a name now! Nice detail there.

(And personally, I could go either way on life energy or quintessence, though I think "court healer" sounds a tad better than "court physician." Mostly because she's using magic and "physician" makes me think medicine. But it certainly could just be a matter of the in-universe characters' preferences, too!)
4/28 c7 220Cosmic Sky
For such a calm chapter, it's quite ironic it ended with Idunn fired up, though it's nice to see. This chapter did show a few interesting things though, such as those who know Ninian's secret like Harken and Marcus. Being veterans from FE7, it's natural, and it's heartbreaking that they can do nothing but watch their marchioness slowly die every day after everything they went through.

Idunn and Roy falling asleep in the library was a cute image, another continuation of their evolving friendship. It's no surprise Idunn liked reading compared to the harsh reality she had to live through. I might have mentioned it a few chapters ago, she's basically setting herself up to be Roy's Merlin, so it's kind of funny she and Roy are reading heroic fantasies. Knowing a little bit of Arthurian mythology, I also feel she's taking on some of the older attributes of Morgan le Fey-she was originally just Arthur's court healer, though Idunn's definitely got the magical nature the former picked up over the years. The bit of world building it induces was a nice touch. Etruria being more of a magic-leaning nation, it makes sense they'd be more accepting of elder/dark magic than Lycia.

The brief flashback to Elimine was cool and as I said, opened up some possibilities. Idunn was actually there for the Scouring and, even if she didn't know them personally, probably met some of the Eight Legends.

What really stood out about Idunn reminiscing about the past was her statement about how much more quintessence than anyone else, certainly more than any human being, or potentially other dragon. I can't help but feel like you just gave away how Idunn might be able to save Ninian, but I'll wait to see if my theory pans out (hopefully it does).

Something I hadn't realized until this chapter was the potential paradox of Idunn existing in the same timeline as her past self, albeit sealed. Also, dramatic irony is afoot since she has no idea Desmond is still king and Zephiel's...probably still got a shred of humanity left right about now. On one hand, Idunn doesn't have to worry about suddenly running into her past self and some crazy paradox being created. On the other hand...she likely has no idea Zephiel might be in a state where he can be talked out of his genocidal plans for humanity. Some very intriguing possibilities, including what you have planned for Idunn's powers.

Outside of creating War Dragons, she hasn't had the opportunity or incentive to use her great power for much else. Now, she's got both. I'm eager to see what you can come up with! It's always fun to explore the blank parts and paint them over with your imagination!
4/21 c7 146CitrusChickadee
Harken and Marcus's conversation at the start is a nice little moment; makes sense for Harken to be a tad suspicious, but it's still good to see that Marcus has (at least mostly?) accepted Idunn now.

Also nice to see another mention of Isolde here. I kind of hope she gets an in-person appearance or two... though of course I don't expect her to have a huge role or anything like that!

Anyway. Idunn adjusting to the castle and learning a bit more about her new job is definitely good to see, and her thoughts on whether or not there are two of her now are intriguing. Something I'm curious about as well, because it'll be important if/when we get up to Zephiel's war... though as Idunn herself noted, this won't be for another few (in-universe) years yet.

And her actually getting fired up about something! A very good sign of getting some more of her own emotions. So yeah, lots of great stuff going on for Idunn this chapter.
4/12 c6 220Cosmic Sky
Another good chapter. Idunn's becoming more comfortable with her new position, forming a more solid personality and even setting goals for herself. In secret for the last one, which creates plenty of intrigue.

Though her role in Blazing Blade was minor, it was nice seeing Eleanora recount the game's events to Idunn, including her husband. Given how close Ninian was to Elbert and how he actually played a critical role in Blazing Blade's backstory, it was nice seeing him mentioned, and seeing how Eleanora still misses him. I also like how she mentioned the idea that House Pherae is cursed; when you look at canon, Eleanora might have have a point. It was also a good way to formally introduce Ninian's worsening condition to Idunn.

She also finally sniffed out the dragon blood Roy's got in his veins. Hopefully she'll be able to quickly realize where Roy got it from and why Ninian's been increasingly sick. I'm interested in how you're going to handle it, and what you have planned for her Dragonstone. Though cracked, it's still got some power in it. Though minor, it was also surprisingly nice to hear Jahn be mentioned; he was the other villain pulling Idunn's strings, and probably the only other "true" dragon she had any interaction with. Like Zephiel though, he wasn't the best company.

I never thought of it, but yeah, the war dragons are essentially morphs. Far more powerful and terrifying, but the same general concept and creation. Also, yeah, if Idunn starts manipulating quintessence it's going to give Eliwood and Ninian some very traumatic flashbacks on top of making them question who, or what, she is. That'd certainly put a damper on her goal to help Roy on his journey to becoming a hero. Speaking of which, the myth lover in me couldn't help but read it as her deciding to be his Merlin (Arthurian legend).
4/7 c6 146CitrusChickadee
While it makes sense in general, Idunn getting a new wardrobe has some cute/interesting notes to it, too. As she herself pointed out, it's part of a fresh start for her, and it's nice that Eleanora was the one to suggest it. An excuse for them to spend a bit of time together in general, and proof of how she's accepting Idunn already. :3

Anyway, also nice (if slightly depressing, given the subject matter) to see Eleanora opening up to Idunn. While I haven't read Champion's Sword (I really should!), it's still a nice touch to give a little backstory to Eleanora here, too. I don't think much was ever stated as to where she was from, and the little shoutout is a fun detail in general.

Also, I definitely found the mention of Quintessence intriguing here. I hadn't thought much on the parallel between War Dragons and Morphs before, but... well. That would certainly look bad on a surface level to the FE7 cast, wouldn't it? Of course, we (and those Idunn have interacted with so far) know that she's much nicer than Nergal, but it has a wide range of potential reactions should anyone find out about it!
3/28 c5 3Az-Bebere
Nice to see an Idunn-centric story! It's nice to see Idunn get along with Eliwood's staff and retainers.

And I'd say every member of the party who went to the Dragon's Gate or to Durandal's resting place knows? Because at the Dragon's Gate Brammimond just tells them and at Durandal's cave, it's Nergal who does along with Ninian transforming back from dragon to manakete.

I wonder though what will this Idunn do about her new world's Idunn: as far as she knows, Zephiel is gearing up to free her from the Dragon Temple, right?
3/20 c5 220Cosmic Sky
That was a nice round of meeting new (and potentially old for readers) faces for Idunn. She's getting a crash course in human interactions and it's fun to watch. The motormouth maid was a great way to open things up, and I'm kind of hoping she shows up again. Maybe becoming Idunn's unlikely confident.

I think the dinner scene went pretty well, plus, it was nice to see Eleanora. Since she didn't show up in Binding Blade (likely for the same reason as Lyn), it's kind of easy to forget about her, but her inclusion does paint a better picture of the Pherae Family. Overall, Idunn really got to experience her first big human "get together", something that Zephiel clearly never showed her, nor intended to. As I said a chapter or two ago, I think you did a good job showing how clueless Idunn is about interacting with people, but her slowly getting used to it. The scene with Roy showed that she's does better when she's one-on-one with someone she knows, if only a little. Oh, and she probably shouldn't eat too much, at least until she gets used to eating that much food.

One of the things I hear people bring up regarding the Elibe games is their...inconsistencies borne from Binding Blade coming before Blazing Blade. One of them being FE6's word regarding dragons living in Elibe vs. FE7's, the latter of which makes Zephiel's plan seem even more hard to grasp. I'm kind of hoping you can figure out a way to resolve that, maybe tie it into Idunn trying to find a way to save Ninian since she's realized how beloved she is amongst Pherae.
3/16 c5 146CitrusChickadee
The OC maid was a fun character here, haha. On the one hand, it makes sense for Idunn to be awkward around a motor mouth character, but the maid's clearly trying to be friendly. I couldn't help being a bit amused at the contrast.

Anyway, the dinner scene's definitely another one of those "nice to see all these characters" parts. Lowen's also doing his best, even if Idunn doesn't know how to react. :') Also, I really like the contrast here between Pherae and Bern's great halls. Makes sense in general, I think, and Idunn's probably more comfortable in a more casual (if by noble standards) setting, too.

And huh, watching Idunn trying to puzzle out Ninian's situation is interesting... I assumed it was because Idunn (technically) was still in Elibe itself, while Ninian wasn't. Still, I am curious as to if/when she'll learn the specifics.
(Also I kind of always assumed that the rest of the party did learn that Ninian's a dragon, but the game is just vague enough about it that you could lean either way. Regardless, yeah, I can understand them not spilling that information to random people around the castle!)
3/13 c4 thzfunnymzn
Ah, a story whose sole purpose is to give us some fluff with Roy and Idoun.

Followed and favorite'd.
3/9 c4 220Cosmic Sky
I'd say you're doing alright with Idunn's characterization so far. Like you said, there wasn't a lot to go on in the original source material. In fact, I think you've actually turned her lack of characterization into a character trait by having Idunn reflect on how little she knows of living life. For someone that he wanted to rule the world after he'd destroyed it, Zephiel treated her more like a doll, though that's kind of to be expected given the latter's insanity. Still, overall I think she's adjusting pretty well.

Eliwood had a pretty good showing this chapter. He knows SOMETHING is up with Idunn, though he's reluctant to pry too deeply into her past. At least not yet. It showed while appreciative, he's observing Idunn for anything out of the ordinary, or clues to her identity.

The segment about Ninian's time running out hit hard, but I'm still holding out hope Idunn may either intentionally or unintentional end up averting her canon fate. Her becoming the castle physician is a pretty good development. Given the reputation of dark mages/druids, Idunn may end up having a positive knock-on effect if she can do the job well.
3/8 c4 Guest
Man, it's been a long time I seen a story set in Lycia that wasn't a one shot. Please continue this, is such a pleasant reading for me to enjoy.
3/7 c4 friendofdean
Kelik the Swordsman, eh? I spotted that reference.

A lovely chapter overall. Very sweet. I'm kind of hoping that Idunn is going to find a way to heal Ninian, and in doing so will out herself as a dragon also. Maybe even the so-called "Demon Dragon"! You fight those stereotypes Idunn!
3/6 c4 146CitrusChickadee
Making Idunn a healer looks like an obvious choice at first glance, as Druids clearly CAN heal in-game... But I feel like this has a lot of potential! Letting her focus more on healing magic, instead of spells, is at least something different for her, and could also have some nice symbolism for her "healing" in various other ways, too.

Also, a reference or two to Eleanora in here is yet another small-but-nice touch. She may or may not show up a huge ton, but it makes sense for her to be here if this is mostly going to take place in the castle.

Roy just zooming all over the castle is just adorable in general. Reading also seems like a nice hobby for Idunn to have... I can see her being eager to try a lot of things (now that she CAN make choices and all), but something relaxing like that is something she'd appreciate, I think.
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