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1h c10 3Az-Bebere
Nice to have a new chapter and it's fitting that Roy be the one to make Idunn put aside her worries and act on her plans to save Ninian. And given when she arrived, a fast pace fits: in the canon timeline, when Idunn arrived is a little before Roy's mother's death no?
1h c9 Az-Bebere
It's interesting to see Idunn's dilemma between hiding her draconic self and helping Ninian with her (to her) obvious Quintessence issue. Can she detect that Ninian doesn't have anymore a dragonstone to rely on though? Because if so she could have the idea to share hers with Ninian, like Ninian and Nild did back in the FE6 era.

And I agree with Idunn's assessment that pride and unwillingness to bend and learn human ways for human forms is what did the Fire Tribe in because between Nils fighting as a Bard, Ninian as a Dancer, and Sophia as a Shaman, it's pretty clear that Elibean dragons can fight like humans if they have a mind to. And while the examples are all half-dragons, Elibean half-dragons can transform like pureblooded ones do (see Ninian) and the non-Jahn pureblooded ones we see are either going through the motions (Idunn and the War Dragons), blind with rage (FE7's Fire Dragon), or too young to know otherwise (Fae).
23h c10 Dandaman5
Hey, just want to let you know that I'm enjoying this story immensely and I always look forward to
seeing your name pop up in my inbox. Keep up the good work!
7/14 c10 148CitrusChickadee
Ooh, the Quintessence being a temporary solution definitely makes sense... even if Idunn's frustration here is also understandable!

I do like her conversations with Merlinus and Marcus here, too. Again, it's just nice to see her being more accepted around the castle. And more importantly, I can see travel being something she'd be interested in, too... Her initial thoughts of Sacae and the Western Isles are nice, but it also makes me wonder if/how much she'll find out about Arcadia.

Anyway, the pace is picking up here for sure, but Idunn had already thought of revealing herself earlier in the chapter before Roy's scene, so it still works well! And hopefully this will let her make some more progress healing Ninian now, so it's something that would necessarily have to happen soon anyway.
7/13 c9 3Grimmideals
Dragons *have* been shown to use magic, in most Fire Emblem games Dragons are capable of human magic (Tiki can become a Dark Knight in Awakening for example.)
6/18 c9 227Cosmic Sky
With a title like this one, I was expecting something big, and I got it. Idunn finally got to have that private conversation with Ninian, and man was it informative and emotional. Their conversation also felt somewhat meta since I found it to be (fittingly) a character from Binding Blade addressing the differences between their game's story and Blazing Blade's.

As far as dragons being able to use human magic, every game with playable dragons/manaketes have them able to learn the same kind of magic as the human cast. So I think your idea really has some canonical basis.

Personally, I actually think you had Idunn hit the nail on the head-it was pride that caused the downfall of the Fire Dragons; that same pride led Jahn to feeding Idunn not entirely accurate information. I'll admit, I was really thinking about it reading through her inner thoughts as she tried to make the pieces fit together,

I'm not surprised that Eliwood and Ninian haven't told Roy the truth that he's quarter-dragon thanks to Ninian. He's still young enough it'd be hard for him to wrap his mind around it. I mean, Roy's got one hell of a complicated family history, that's just Ninian's draconic nature-her familial history is a whole other can of worms. Speaking of the two, Ninian's calm acceptance of her impeding death was the most emotional part of the chapter, and it kind of hit home. It shattered when Idunn brought up Roy, showing that despite that acceptance, she still wants to see her son grow up. That breakdown was tragically complicated by Idunn's future memory of his death.

If, or hopefully when, Idunn reveals herself, I've got a gut feeling that's eventually going to come up. Her telling Ninian she's from a dark future is going to lead her to some heartbreaking conclusions.

Ah, a great chapter that's got me really excited to see what happens next! Idunn is indeed facing one hell of a choice, and one option is one she simply won't be able to do, especially as she's gotten close to everyone in the castle, especially Roy. The other one's going to come with it's own risks as well, and who knows if a third option will present itself.
6/15 c9 thzfunnymzn
I'm all for the idea of Jahn's information being heavily flawed. That whole back-story for dragons in Elibe always struck me as exceedingly odd anyways. Not to mention Jahn's "dragon's are emotionless Spock like logical creatures" is both nonsensical to the point of hilarious, but directly contradicts what we see of Ninian and Fae anyways. So, I have no problem with you going "eh, Jahn was full of crap", because he IS, in fact, full of crap.
6/14 c9 Guest
"Jahn and his kin had lost to the humans in the Scouring ... because the Fire Tribe had simply been too prideful to ever consider learning to fight with human weapons..."

It feels like a rather strange sentiment? The entire reason why the Demon Dragon was created was because the Fire Tribe was vastly outnumbered and would've lost without War Dragons to boost the numbers. Learning to fight on par with humans would not have closed the massive gap in numbers. Surely Idunn is at least aware of why she was "made"? (and that's before considering that there was no time to learn (as Eight Heroes were beelining for the temple even before the Ending Winter happened), no one to learn from, and nothing to match the apocalyptic Divine Weapons)
6/13 c9 148CitrusChickadee
Ah, this chapter shows off the similarities between Ninian and Idunn well! Ninian is obviously a bit more used to people than Idunn is, but both of them are fairly awkward in their own ways and REALLY have to dance around a lot of sensitive topics... And the lapses and strange phrasings in their conversation here are good for showing that.

But progress! Despite Ninian (understandably) hiding some things, Idunn is finally starting to puzzle things out here. While I did think Idunn would end up using Quintessence to help her, I do like the phrasing here of her energy "protecting" Ninian's. It's just a nice touch.

(As to stuff in the notes... I do think it makes sense for humans and dragons to both learn each other's magic, since, as you said, Nergal's already shown doing that. And I can certainly understand Ninian's conflict here, because telling Roy exactly how short (she thinks) she has is a pretty tough pill for both of them. But! Considering how much progress Idunn seems to be making here... We'll see how much she ends up "needing" to tell Roy, I guess!)
5/31 c8 3Az-Bebere
On one hand, Idunn examining Ninian is probably the first step to healing her so good of her to have thought of it. On the other hand, I hope she thought of an explanation because a druid looking at her quintessence closely might remind Ninian a bit too much of Nergal.

Idunn interacting with Jenny is fun though, it's nice that she get some more human interaction. And Idunn being happy that Roy be grounded because that way he's close at hand is hilarious.
5/16 c8 227Cosmic Sky
Seems like Idunn's become a woman (dragon) on a mission. She's settled in and making small steps towards learning how to use her powers, though Ninian's situation nictitates she's going to have to make a big leap.

Mediating is at least going to help her with her focus, and it's taught her how to sense the quintessence in other beings. The idea that humans have a much smaller amount compared to dragons like her is a sound idea. She's also not wrong to consider the possibility of being found out and effectively chased out of Pherae. I mean, that scenario would basically be the backstory for a Fire Emblem villain. Hopefully she can avoid that, but in order to save Ninian, I feel like she's going to have to do SOMETHING big.

The idea of Roy being grounded actually benefiting her is a funny idea. Makes me excited to see what'll happen when his punishment is over and he's able to start running around gain; I've got a feeling he'll have some company (protection) with him when he does.

Glad that you brought back the story's resident motormouth, and gave her a name. Looking forward to more interactions between Idunn and Jenny! Talking with her is a great crash course in human interaction, that's for sure. Maybe at some point Idunn might be able to keep up with her, or Jenny will learn to slow down.

Like I said, Idunn's going to have to take a big step if she wants to save Ninian. It'll mean risking her identity, but I believe that' endear her to Eliwood and his family more so than anything.
5/13 c8 tl34lt12
Big yes if Idunn can save Ninian here

let her meddling help Roy and Eliwood
5/12 c8 148CitrusChickadee
Hey, good to see a new chapter! :D

Anyway, I don't recall a lot of specific details either, but Idunn's "sixth sense" with quintessence here reminds me a bit of Ninian and Nils being able to sense danger in FE7... Of course, it's not the exact same thing, but there's definitely some precedent for dragons having some kind of detection power! And meditating in general sounds like a good thing for Idunn to do; practice her powers and do something "peaceful" at the same time.

Also glad the chatterbox maid showed up again. Still a fun character, and, hey, she has a name now! Nice detail there.

(And personally, I could go either way on life energy or quintessence, though I think "court healer" sounds a tad better than "court physician." Mostly because she's using magic and "physician" makes me think medicine. But it certainly could just be a matter of the in-universe characters' preferences, too!)
4/28 c7 227Cosmic Sky
For such a calm chapter, it's quite ironic it ended with Idunn fired up, though it's nice to see. This chapter did show a few interesting things though, such as those who know Ninian's secret like Harken and Marcus. Being veterans from FE7, it's natural, and it's heartbreaking that they can do nothing but watch their marchioness slowly die every day after everything they went through.

Idunn and Roy falling asleep in the library was a cute image, another continuation of their evolving friendship. It's no surprise Idunn liked reading compared to the harsh reality she had to live through. I might have mentioned it a few chapters ago, she's basically setting herself up to be Roy's Merlin, so it's kind of funny she and Roy are reading heroic fantasies. Knowing a little bit of Arthurian mythology, I also feel she's taking on some of the older attributes of Morgan le Fey-she was originally just Arthur's court healer, though Idunn's definitely got the magical nature the former picked up over the years. The bit of world building it induces was a nice touch. Etruria being more of a magic-leaning nation, it makes sense they'd be more accepting of elder/dark magic than Lycia.

The brief flashback to Elimine was cool and as I said, opened up some possibilities. Idunn was actually there for the Scouring and, even if she didn't know them personally, probably met some of the Eight Legends.

What really stood out about Idunn reminiscing about the past was her statement about how much more quintessence than anyone else, certainly more than any human being, or potentially other dragon. I can't help but feel like you just gave away how Idunn might be able to save Ninian, but I'll wait to see if my theory pans out (hopefully it does).

Something I hadn't realized until this chapter was the potential paradox of Idunn existing in the same timeline as her past self, albeit sealed. Also, dramatic irony is afoot since she has no idea Desmond is still king and Zephiel's...probably still got a shred of humanity left right about now. On one hand, Idunn doesn't have to worry about suddenly running into her past self and some crazy paradox being created. On the other hand...she likely has no idea Zephiel might be in a state where he can be talked out of his genocidal plans for humanity. Some very intriguing possibilities, including what you have planned for Idunn's powers.

Outside of creating War Dragons, she hasn't had the opportunity or incentive to use her great power for much else. Now, she's got both. I'm eager to see what you can come up with! It's always fun to explore the blank parts and paint them over with your imagination!
4/21 c7 148CitrusChickadee
Harken and Marcus's conversation at the start is a nice little moment; makes sense for Harken to be a tad suspicious, but it's still good to see that Marcus has (at least mostly?) accepted Idunn now.

Also nice to see another mention of Isolde here. I kind of hope she gets an in-person appearance or two... though of course I don't expect her to have a huge role or anything like that!

Anyway. Idunn adjusting to the castle and learning a bit more about her new job is definitely good to see, and her thoughts on whether or not there are two of her now are intriguing. Something I'm curious about as well, because it'll be important if/when we get up to Zephiel's war... though as Idunn herself noted, this won't be for another few (in-universe) years yet.

And her actually getting fired up about something! A very good sign of getting some more of her own emotions. So yeah, lots of great stuff going on for Idunn this chapter.
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