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3/13 c4 thzfunnymzn
Ah, a story whose sole purpose is to give us some fluff with Roy and Idoun.

Followed and favorite'd.
3/9 c4 223Cosmic Sky
I'd say you're doing alright with Idunn's characterization so far. Like you said, there wasn't a lot to go on in the original source material. In fact, I think you've actually turned her lack of characterization into a character trait by having Idunn reflect on how little she knows of living life. For someone that he wanted to rule the world after he'd destroyed it, Zephiel treated her more like a doll, though that's kind of to be expected given the latter's insanity. Still, overall I think she's adjusting pretty well.

Eliwood had a pretty good showing this chapter. He knows SOMETHING is up with Idunn, though he's reluctant to pry too deeply into her past. At least not yet. It showed while appreciative, he's observing Idunn for anything out of the ordinary, or clues to her identity.

The segment about Ninian's time running out hit hard, but I'm still holding out hope Idunn may either intentionally or unintentional end up averting her canon fate. Her becoming the castle physician is a pretty good development. Given the reputation of dark mages/druids, Idunn may end up having a positive knock-on effect if she can do the job well.
3/8 c4 Guest
Man, it's been a long time I seen a story set in Lycia that wasn't a one shot. Please continue this, is such a pleasant reading for me to enjoy.
3/7 c4 friendofdean
Kelik the Swordsman, eh? I spotted that reference.

A lovely chapter overall. Very sweet. I'm kind of hoping that Idunn is going to find a way to heal Ninian, and in doing so will out herself as a dragon also. Maybe even the so-called "Demon Dragon"! You fight those stereotypes Idunn!
3/6 c4 147CitrusChickadee
Making Idunn a healer looks like an obvious choice at first glance, as Druids clearly CAN heal in-game... But I feel like this has a lot of potential! Letting her focus more on healing magic, instead of spells, is at least something different for her, and could also have some nice symbolism for her "healing" in various other ways, too.

Also, a reference or two to Eleanora in here is yet another small-but-nice touch. She may or may not show up a huge ton, but it makes sense for her to be here if this is mostly going to take place in the castle.

Roy just zooming all over the castle is just adorable in general. Reading also seems like a nice hobby for Idunn to have... I can see her being eager to try a lot of things (now that she CAN make choices and all), but something relaxing like that is something she'd appreciate, I think.
3/2 c3 223Cosmic Sky
Things have gotten off to an interesting start. I do like that this story is taking place before Ninian's passing, gives me hope that Idunn might be able to find some way to avert it, though I've got a hunch that might involve blowing her cover as a dragon. That could come with its own set of risks...and opportunities.

Agreed that Idunn getting to stay at Castle Pherae is pretty tame compared to some of the wilder recruitment antics in FE games. Now that she's in the castle, she's in a prime position to shake things up, if she can figure out what to do and what not do.
2/26 c3 KazamaFam2006
Fic is so far so good but I do have one big question regarding the SwordOfSeals/BindingBlade; what happened to it when Idunn struck her dragon-stone with it the second time? Was it obliterated? Lost somewhere other than a forest she ended up in the first thing when she woke up? Or just plainly left in the forest? My head thought up of this in the second chapter.

Thats all I wanted to ask.
2/26 c3 147CitrusChickadee
The dip into Marcus's POV at the start is nice, because we the readers of course know that Idunn is fine... But her sudden appearance is a bit suspicious from an in-universe standpoint! So yeah, as I've said before, I know Idunn's the main character here, but I do like to see some more reactions we wouldn't have gotten to otherwise.

Anyway! Roy being quarter-dragon is definitely something I was a bit curious about here, so it's also good to see Idunn get a brief reaction to that. Also, I had simply assumed that Ninian just didn't say anything about Idunn being a dragon because, hey, Idunn didn't say it out loud either... But her being too weak to immediately pick up on it makes sense, too.
(Kinda makes me wonder if Roy having any... dragon-senses, for lack of a better word, will happen too, but, again, him only being quarter, and a young kid on top of that, is a good excuse if it doesn't come up.)
2/21 c2 Ferb Ancos
Well, if she went to the past. She is gonna have a lot of fun trying to convince her past her to give up her current ways.
2/17 c2 CitrusChickadee
I gotta say, little Roy is adorable, and it was cute to see his POV in the first part of the chapter. :3 And the nod to Lowen and Wolt (and Lowen/Rebecca? I also ship it!) was a nice little touch.

Anyway! Idunn being a bit overwhelmed by her emotions makes sense, given they're still pretty new to her and all. Pretty obvious thing to comment on, but I still like it.

Also, it'll be interesting to see if/how much of Idunn's past ends up coming out, or if it'll really "matter" too much. As she herself noted, there doesn't seem to be too many records of her existence, but I can see her feeling guilty about "hiding" details about herself. Just a bit of speculation on my part here, but I'm definitely curious to see how much she ends up opening up to everyone!
2/10 c1 CitrusChickadee
An interesting idea for a fic here! Even without direct experience with the romhack you're talking about, a "Zephiel wins" AU has a lot of potential as a premise, and Idunn taking care of a little Roy is just an adorable idea in general. :3

Should definitely be fun to see where this goes...
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