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5/18 c12 Derpysense
Please tell me you’re going to science the shit out his new pokemon soon?
5/15 c12 1Viviene001
Sooooo... is this going into harem territory?
Also ahhhhh why did this stop at the point of about to genetic modify. *pout*

Guess I'll check out that other villain fic pokemon thing... I think i like this one better still though. Hidey hole to live on with a Jarvis? Damn.
5/15 c11 Viviene001
This is going on favorites list because i laugj every time something comes out. xD
Hopefully no harem bs down the line though... or youcan spite me while doing that? Spite the entire readers? Somehow I can see that happening qith how high crack this fic is. huh.
5/15 c10 Viviene001
black jolteon...
damn thats cool.
5/15 c5 Viviene001
*giggling at fun wish fulfillment*
5/15 c2 Viviene001
Courtney was protag bs?! HOW?!
5/15 c1 Viviene001
? If its harem type I'll subjectively bow out, ig. xD
5/14 c12 7littleditto
lol, the mindfuck of Nurse Joy and the complaint translation are hilarious, I love this

Another fantastic addition
5/13 c12 NokoTaco
The battle at the start reads more like a Wild Battle than a Trainer Battle. Absolutely no call-outs or commands from Drayton makes the fight seem stale and one-sided. It felt extremely unnatural.
5/12 c12 Ever Tomorrow
Cool. Good to know more about the timeline too.
5/12 c12 Abbadon44
Yes! Things are as they should be. An obsessed Fire specialist Right hand and and the Savage Dragon specialist Left hand.
5/12 c12 demissedwaifu
She's heeeere~
5/12 c12 SeigZeon
I think things are going at a good pace the Pokemon interesting. Glad our MC isn't so overpowered this early
5/12 c12 16linkiepie2214
Sh!t is starting to get fun
5/12 c12 Aren Gisly
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