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for An Arcturan Alphabet

5/31 c1 Guest
I know your real name is Catherine Rees-Lay.
5/27 c1 5VoteDonaldJTrump2024
This "author" is a total piece of shit who censors conservative voices from their forum. Why do liberals hate free speech? Guess we'll never know...
5/17 c1 30Madame Apathy
I was skeptical about the alphabet structure but you pulled it off a lot better than I expected it could be done. The story had an interesting rhythm because of it. I think it strenghen your narrator's voice as well and helped give some sense of suspense because I was reading through and thinking, "Hang on, there's only x more letters for this to get resolved in." Great job!
3/17 c1 College Student
Hi! Just wanted to say I really enjoy your BOTP stories! I had never heard of BOTP/Gatchaman/etc. before I stumbled upon your profile sometime around October 2023... did a quick google search and saw it was a space adventure thingymajig, and that's my jam, so I thought why not! It would be far from the first time I got into a fandom by reading fic rather than, y'know, actually watching/reading the source material.
And, well, it worked. I binged your BOTP stuff then, tried to search the episodes on YouTube, was dissuaded by the old animation (I'm a 2000s kid, current college student, so admittedly not the animation quality I'm used to) and thought that was it.
But the songs that I was blasting on repeat during that binge week have been reappearing on my Spotify again this last month, and every time I hear them I would think of BOTP... so I cracked and have been binging your BOTP stories again. And with all your episode references in your au I actually sat down and watched the episodes I could find on YouTube. And then read through that BOTP website for info. Then thought about how cool it would be if this series got a modern reboot like Voltron did. Then was like "lmao I totally have a great record of finishing big projects I get myself into but wouldn't it be cool if I drafted/wrote a modern BOTP for myself to enjoy" because, yeah, BOTP is a bit outdated, and I think meshing years of versions together into something new sounds like a very interesting project to tackle. Then I went and read through all the information on the Gatchaman wiki to learn more about the universe (Mike Johnson isn't real? Dr. Samuels? I had no idea?). Then I started watching some Eagle Riders and Gatchaman Fighter episodes.
(Okay, it's definitely best in the original Japanese with English sub because the original plots, etc. are preserved which are much more detailed than BOTP and presumably Eagle Riders, G-Force, etc.)
And! I don't know how much of what I'm reading was also revealed in BOTP episodes but the number of small things you seem to subtlety tag in your aus/stories is very impressive to me! Me sitting here realizing Jason's migraines weren't your own plot idea but an actual expansion of a real BOTP plot? (At that point I hadn't realized there /was/ any overarching plot carrying from episode to episode.) And as I explore the Gatchaman universe further I realize Mark's health issues might be a reference to the cellular deterioration in Gatchaman Fighter. Or perhaps not!
Anyhow, the real point of this review is to say that you single-handedly converted this Gen Z college student into a fan of this 50-year-old anime. I am avidly thinking about my Gatcaman 2024 redesign. We'll see how far I get with that haha... I'll get seven seasons of plot worked out then hardly write an actual thing, if similar past projects have anything to say about it. But, again, if similar past projects have anything to say about it, it will live in my head rent-free for at least the next decade and I will be forever sad that Netflix or whoever didn't magically do a modern Gatchaman.
I'm getting sidetracked again. Again, I just thought you might find it cool that you've inspired me into this old fandom. Once I finish rebinging your fics, I'll give the rest of the archive a try… and then check out anything for the other Gatchaman spinoffs, although reading Mark, Jason, etc. as any other name throws me off crazily. I do like Jun and Jinwei, but I'm sorry, like I said I'm Gen Z and I cannot take the name Joe seriously.
As far as your fics go- I think it makes so much sense to have the doctors, etc., present - the briefings, immediately going to see Mike Johnson after missions etc., descriptions of black section (I am definitely remembering the name wrong, my bad, I've been doing so much Gatchaman research today my brain is scrambled.) I really enjoy that sense of realism you bring to it- that is definitely another shtick that gets me going is portraying realistically what's going on behind the scenes when all the heroes are out. Not just the glorified view of the heroes, but the consequences and nitty gritty stuff going on behind. Also! Found family dynamics in a sense, or just... how the members of the team interact. Another thing I enjoy seeing that you capture well. Also, I am so glad you just give Keyop a stutter and not whatever's going on in the series. I skimmed another person's fic and saw the "aroots" and was so taken back. Whether I actually try and sketch out a reboot or just write silly drabbles within a BOTP-compliant universe, Keyop just gets a stutter like you have. It's absolutely ridiculous in the show and they did Jinwei dirty.
Okay okay okay - this is an incredibly scrambled review, I apologize. My main point is really just to convey the enthusiasm you've given me for this franchise, and I hope if nothing else that comes across. I don't even know what I'm going to do now because I can't even talk about this with people IRL… if my friends aren't particularly big on sci-fi they're certainly not going to be into 70s-animated sci-fi. I think I only lasted to be honest because I grew up watching Trek from the 60s. But I'm very glad I did because. Ugh. This franchise is stuck in my head in the best way. I see on your profile you're perhaps opposed to anonymous reviews but my actual account is still decorated by my fanfic shenanigans from when I was ten and when my entire life is not that many years older than your fanfiction account that just feels a little silly, so hopefully you'll read this anyways!
I am clearly awful at tying up the knots in this review. Again, I hope the enthusiasm is showing haha. Thank you for sharing your stories and inadvertently letting this 2000s child find joy in a fandom I never would have discovered or thought to have engaged with if I hadn't stumbled upon your profile. I think your fics have entered my cycle of rereads… go through archives for fandom x, then fandom y, then fandom z, etc., then circle back to x again if you understand my drift. Perhaps at one of those points I'll write an actual review and not just a spiel of vibes! But right now I've got the rest of your BOTP stuff to reread, and a whole lot more franchise left to explore. And I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for anything new from you as I go.
Thank you again!
~ The college student you roped into a 50 year old franchise (I still find that hilarious haha)
2/29 c1 Guest
Nicely done. Full story using the alphabet in order to start each paragraph... and the narrator's voice was clearly Tony, even before you confirm it in "I is for injured."
Bravissima :D
2/25 c1 42Tikatu
This was so clever! Alphabet story, and from Tiny's POV, which is a plus! Then you bring it around to A again.

Great little story, cath! Thanks for posting it!

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