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for A DxD Slife(Slime Life)

5/7 c1 Haseo187
This is a really cool idea and I hope you update this story again sometime soon!
5/1 c1 Guest j
Love it, More please.
5/2 c1 WarzPark
whens the update
4/28 c1 Larro44-LL
Hmmmm. A slime naruto in the DxD verse. That’s a very risqué portrayal lmao. Interested to see where you’ll take this
4/17 c1 The Black Latios
Can't wait to see how it will end. Keep up the amazing work
4/12 c1 ps2boy.zachary
4/7 c1 80YeagerMeister31
An interesting start I hope there's more.
4/7 c1 thegrison
Ok a lot of things are off or odd with this. Overall a big nope from me. No my cup of tea. Good luck
3/27 c1 carneyjarred
interesting actually maybe have sasuke reincarnated well with his mind wiped into kuroka who kind of would be the itachi of highschool dxd and it would be the ultimate payback for naruto have her in the polycule.
3/17 c1 volcasiron30
awesome first chapter
3/16 c1 marquis.shax
why adopt stories when you have so many of your own that you're not updating?
3/16 c1 FirestarterFLCL
I really hope yiu continue to develop and work on this. Sounds like itll be very humorous.
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2/29 c1 DragonShinigami
Hope to read more of this soon. I want to read about how Naruto easily defeats Riser. Maybe have Naruto provide a demonstration of his Predator and copy abilities by having him absorb Rias' Power of Destruction in front of her family. Heck, if he absorbs a Stray Devil then Naruto will be able to turn into a Devil himself. Same if he absorbs a Fallen or and Angel.
3/2 c1 Kil'jeaden
Great chapter
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