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for Pokemon : The Timeless Journey

4h c67 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
5h c67 dan.lew.upg
cant wait for more.
5/19 c66 Kasper
Where Ash and his friends meet Bruno, a member of the Kanto Top Four. In the future, Bruno catches a giant Onix. There should now be plenty of Earth Heart Milk. The positive effect on Rock or Ground Pokémon. Are strength, defense and talent.
5/18 c66 Paul
Orion should catch a Teddiursa because he is the only one who knows that Ursaring can evolve again with Peat Block or Moonstone during the full moon. To Ursaluna.
5/18 c62 JohnFree
Merci pour le chapitre
5/18 c61 JohnFree
Merci pour le Chapitre
5/16 c65 Neos
Thanks for the chapter
5/18 c66 Narumoki
Thanks for the chapter
5/18 c66 guyofthecastle
The MC made this (tide/war) happen most likely
5/18 c66 Mugiii
Bit naive to think he has a choice whether to join a war
5/15 c65 Guest
Thanks for the chapter.
5/15 c65 Gary
Thanks for the chapter
5/14 c20 L
bro, are u really putting game elements on this? i could accept the whole tiers and whatever talents u put, unusual but ok, but are u really putting LEVELS on a more realistic pokemon novel? at first i thought it would be just a teory of human classification, not that they would really have levels, this fucking sucks, dont even want to read anymore
5/14 c65 dan.lew.upg
5/14 c4 lasslowerence
why do I feel like u brought Tales of demons and gods classification to pokemon? kinda weird tbh but im going to wait and see how u gonna develop this, hopefully there wont be any tech bullshit for him to know what grade is what, and btw, weird that he got Orion memories but still need to look at the mirrow to see what he looks like?
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