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6/7 c7 12Kiue Jin
The rule of thumb I generally went with was that the older and stronger a grimm is, the more durable their body parts in general become. A good example of this is from a different fan story that has just gotten to the Wyven fight (through the people fighting it have classified it as a Dragon): It's size and strength are such that it literally takes the main weapons on Atlas Cruisers just to be able to hurt the damn thing when shooting it in its unarmored body.

Anything less then that just doesn't register.

It is also smart enough to *know* that those weapons are the only things that can hurt it on the battlefield and in response A) Moved to destroy these threats and B) Strove to either take the hits where it was armored or actively tried make it as hard as possible for said ships to line up shots on it (either by being out of the firing angle of their weapons or actively using the ships themselves to block firing solutions).
6/4 c7 4Chaosconetic
Pretty cool story so far, quite enjoying it even with my rather limited Dark Souls knowledge (I've only ever played Elden Ring, but have watched playthroughs of Souls games) Looking forward to more.
6/2 c7 LividlyVivid
Thanks for the chapter! Neo and Ruby getting along is really nice, especially Ruby trying to learn sign language.
5/31 c7 Argorok
Interesting story so far, please keep up the good work.
5/28 c6 3AceRaptorVIII
Love this story, hopefully we can get more from Neo's perspective. Also, fun fact of the day; the official midget height is 4 foot 10. Neo is about 4,6 out of heels, so she is legally classified as a midget.
5/17 c6 LividlyVivid
Thanks for the chapter! Great fight with Raven!
5/16 c6 Random65
Ey, i'm glad you are back and doing okay. I look forward to more amazing adventures and your wodnerful writing in this world and many others. RIP Rooster Teeth, may their artworks and fandoms live on.
5/3 c5 LividlyVivid
Thanks for the lovely chapter, I think the omake was my favorite part! But the action was great too, the whole team using miracles alongside their weapons! Aw shit, is Vyl throwing down with Raven? I don't remember this Vol very well so maybe, maybe not. Also characters having an aversion to touch makes me so sad, casual hugs all the time are the best and they can't enjoy that regularly.
4/22 c4 LividlyVivid
Thanks for the chapter! Roman trading Neo for the Twins, he cannot escape fatherhood! Or unclehood, however you feelike interpreting it.
4/21 c4 4Flametusk
I've been really enjoying this story.

The prequel is actually one of the *very* few stories on this site that I've read more than once.

As for the identity of "L" from one of the previous chapters... I have two suspicions in mind, one of which is *much* more likely in my opinion.
4/8 c3 12Kiue Jin
So Siegward didn't die after the battle with Yhorm? At least not right away anyway.

I know that there is a theory that Siegward poisoned the toast brew he personally drank after the battle. It makes sense too: Not only was the promise that was driving him as an undead fulfilled (since reaching the end of the road can be even more dangerous then the road itself for an undead), but he had killed a friend that he truly had held dear. Deciding to take his own life before he lost himself to his lack of purpose so he could join Yhorm...
3/30 c3 Dasgun
3/28 c2 Framboise Knight
Hello !
Nice chapter !
I am exited to read the rest, (it is false that i read the first book many times... (just 10 or 11 ').
I must admit, Adam being an Undead is pretty strange ( if i remember corretly, the dark sigil appair when the First Flamme turn of, and if I don't misunderstand, Vyrilia end the Fire Age) but it is a pretty goog idee.
If i guess, i will say that it is Lautrec who make it happend ? But how and why ?
I don't remember a character with an L at the begining IN DS3.
And if it is really Lautrec, maybe the Chosen Undead (or Solaire) will come too ? I can be a deux ex machina or a doom if he came as a Hollow. (I will love to see Solaire meeting Penny)

In the end it was very good, thanks to you .
I will wait with impatient your next chapters.

PS : Sorry if i make mistake, english is not my naturla language XP
3/27 c2 Delta404
So far this is shaping up nicely...L could be several people in the souls side (idk rwby enough to judge) perhaps lorian or lothric even. The fire may have faded...but creatures. Materials. And people are awakening again. Ancient demons like the demon in pain and demon from below could exist deep underground mistaken for unique types of grimm. Titanite would be similar. Who knows what lies beneath. But whoever made sure Adam came back is taking a gamble. Because he will want revenge. And now he can't die easily...but now he can't die easily. I think the issue there is obvious for his benefactor. Whatever the case may be something caused our ashen one to stir originally. And if it woke up such an ancient's a threat
3/29 c3 1Alby199800
That's an actually nice explanation for the fogwalls, not sure it's canon but who cares, it's not as if Bloodborne or Elden Ring cared to explain that mechanic, that honor goes to Demon Souls. Anyway good chapter, I will await the next chapter with bated breath.
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