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for Of Embers and Aura

3/27 c2 Delta404
So far this is shaping up nicely...L could be several people in the souls side (idk rwby enough to judge) perhaps lorian or lothric even. The fire may have faded...but creatures. Materials. And people are awakening again. Ancient demons like the demon in pain and demon from below could exist deep underground mistaken for unique types of grimm. Titanite would be similar. Who knows what lies beneath. But whoever made sure Adam came back is taking a gamble. Because he will want revenge. And now he can't die easily...but now he can't die easily. I think the issue there is obvious for his benefactor. Whatever the case may be something caused our ashen one to stir originally. And if it woke up such an ancient's a threat
3/29 c3 1Alby199800
That's an actually nice explanation for the fogwalls, not sure it's canon but who cares, it's not as if Bloodborne or Elden Ring cared to explain that mechanic, that honor goes to Demon Souls. Anyway good chapter, I will await the next chapter with bated breath.
3/26 c2 Guest
Happy to see a sequel to genuinely one of the greatest Dark Souls RWBY crossovers on the market rn, (Currently the greatest, but no offense once Fire Rose gets finished it'll probably take my personal number 1), is it gonna function the same as the previous book where everything is currently finished and you're just dishing it out on a schedule? Can't wait to see where this one goes and I'm gonna go reread the first book to refresh my memory lol.
3/19 c2 LividlyVivid
Glad to see this series is back!
3/12 c2 1TemporaryName2
Oh hey, the Sequel's up. And this time I have actually finished DS III. I sure can't wait to see the girls in ac-
Adam Taurus is back.
He brought the undead curse with him.
Well that isn't foreboding in the slightest. I'm sure an ancient curse of eternal death and resurrection which erodes the sanity of its bearer bound to a man who believes the best solution for the problems of his kind involve a lot of stabbing could only end peacefully.
I'm also certain the gods who already wiped the slate clean once because a grieving woman tried to subvert the natural cycle of life and death would *definitely* accept a break that is 100% natural and organic. Can't kill everyone if they're just going to get right back up, now can you?

Just to keep you from getting the wrong idea, I enjoy this story and look forward to further updates. I just also see shit going sideways from many, *many* angles. Keep up the good work
3/11 c1 theprocrastinator15
The GOAT has returned
3/11 c1 AthrixUnbroken
Ayy, you live! Need to finish reading the first story, but good to see you back!
3/10 c1 santiagosiquina762
Glad to see you back!
3/10 c2 12Kiue Jin
I confess, when I saw Adam's letter one of two possible people present themselves. Leonhard or Ludleth. I don't think Ludleth has a grudge against our girl through but... could easily be wrong.
3/10 c1 Skeletalrepublic
You are right, the prologue of this compared to the prologue of From Ashes to Dust is remarkably different. You can even say you improved greatly in the time between the first chapter of FAtD to now.

excited to see what you've written after so long
3/10 c1 Azehaze
I just finished from ashes go dust a week ago and I a VERY glad that you've decided to continue, this is easily in the top 3 OC fanfics that i've ever read! (And I've read a ton) Welcome Home, ashen one. Im happy to see you back.
3/10 c1 1Sterys-Chan
Finally, one of the best crossover is back,
3/10 c1 Drifter4445
We’re back baby!
3/10 c1 4Gojosin
3/10 c1 saitama1155
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