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for A New Player in the Force: The Reforged Path

5/9 c2 Sunshine
Wait Raven was created by both Cam and Fay.

Does that make Cam and Fay their Parents.
Is Fay her mommy.
5/5 c2 Guest
Maybe Raven can get an amp that goes to 11!
5/5 c2 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
5/5 c2 Pjo crossovers
Yeah plageuis being co chancellor is terrible. Cam with hk and his connections might have been able to assassinate one of them but with both in high positions of power and working close together if one of the them died in a slightly unusual way the other would be completely on guard
5/4 c2 Blaze1992
I guess the new hand will certainly be HANDY both on and off the field like Bo wanted to test.
I have a feeling we are going see a few idiots trying to snatch the ship in the next CH.

5/4 c2 ssj5
This chapter was just too good. It was easy to understand and your writing felt improved compared to the last book so you're definitely putting in effort. Anxiously waiting for the next installment. Best of luck.
5/2 c2 Jawa
Have you ever heard of Beldorion.

He was a Hutt Jedi who fell to the dark side.

He would make an interesting opponent for Cam and Anakin.
5/3 c2 Numbet1ebaystoregmail
really unexpected turn
5/2 c2 2Walkmanapprenticewordsmith
yet ANOTHER damn woman that wants him upon a first meeting. seriously ruins what storyyou have going. cant just have a normal interaction with women huh?
5/2 c2 Raedarius
Great chapter as always,
love character and story development,
quess i got some questions or rather i would like to get some relearning the force sectons here and there maybe in hypedspace or just between story progression, becouse there was zero of it and in my mind THAT is the most important factor at this point in time, frankly mc relegating it for later seems irresponsible all things considered(it doesnt help that its what im interrested the most at this point)
Yeaah sorry for the rant
I just was syper happy for a chapter but it ended...
5/1 c2 54Death Fury
Excellent chapter.

I may have waited till May the 4th to update this story.
5/1 c2 Martin-di-Arcov
on the one hand: Poor Annie has to deal with politics so young

on the other hand: at least this version of Anakin will have a greater understanding of (and hopefully mastery over) politics

an amazing chapter as always! i know a time skip is clearly coming, but i can only hope we get to enjoy a bit of the shenanigans of the Jade Raven crew and Annie's little family (cue that fast and the furious "family" clip)
5/1 c2 3grovepjp
4/30 c2 Guest
A nice chapter not what I wanted but still a nice chapter all the same. Feels like I waited two months waiting for it hope the next one comes out soon. Hope the next on goes into cam training back his lost powers as well as training anakin. Another thing hope cam gets some more skills in his medical tech/computer/engineering and piloting skills he needs to improve those I feel along with his powers.
4/30 c2 4Tertius711
Co-Chancellor Sith Lords is interesting. I’m stoked to see Raven upgraded with some fancy weapons.
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