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6/8 c20 Guest
Awesome Chapter! Can’t wait for the next chapter :)
5/23 c20 UNNES1000
This new chapter was awesome! It was great to finally learn more about Mei. Also, I'm one of those people who are aware of the original concept for Kung Fu Panda 4 with the introduction of humans and Hu-Man City that was originally supposed to happen in it. I always thought wondered what it would be like if humans were in the Kung Fu Panda universe, so it's nice that not only are you doing this fanfic, but you used that here too. Even though that version of Kung Fu Panda 4 was ultimately scrapped, I wouldn't mind if Dreamworks decides to revisit and use the human concept in a special Kung Fu Panda limited series, a spinoff or anything else like that, even if that seems very unlikely of ever happening. Anyway, keep up the good work and I hope Mei learns the rest of her backstory and she overcomes all her problems to stand up against The Chameleon and figure out who she is. I'm personally hoping that she finds a way to also finally talk, which could mark a moment in the story where things change.
5/3 c15 Guest 3
Love the name that's given to Zhen and Mei (Juniper City Bandits). Excited for the next chapter!
4/22 c13 Guest 3
Po is a hero for saving Mei and defending her while she’s being scolded by Zhen. I know, others will accept Mei just the way she is, a very special person she is.
4/10 c9 Guest 3
This story is the best, I’ve been enjoying this reading of the story. Can’t wait for next chapter. Keep it up!
3/30 c1 Guest
The human should have been male
3/29 c3 Guest
Hope to see more
3/29 c3 AltsFault
Quite interesting, I’ll look forward to your future chapters.
3/27 c2 Guest 3
Good story! Maybe for another story later on if you do one, you should do a Go Dog Go human story :)
3/27 c2 Guest
Pretty great story so far! I’m enjoying this friendship of Zhen and Mei. Can’t wait for the next chapter!
3/26 c1 1Kamen Rider Sentry
Hey can you do a Sonic the hedgehog human oc x tangle the lemour and whisper the wolf. those two are my favourite characters and not many made story about them. That and also conquering storm as she could use some romantic action adventure. Like a ninja from overlanders clan who was train in secret gets to meet her and fight and such.
3/26 c1 12LakkoWarner1
Ooooo i like this so far
3/25 c1 3Trux-Killer
I like this OC. Mute, makes it a bit more interesting. Been planning to do that for mine as well.

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