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for HP - Shadow Monarch!

6/16 c35 dayjavu2000
It feels like this isnt the shadow Monarch or the dude who was reborn but a snape that got his memories. he keeps thinking like a wizard instead of a being from a very advanaced civillization
6/15 c35 Random Mawile
you uploaded the wrong story chapter
6/15 c35 ja3419
You put the wrong novel's chapter.
6/15 c35 TheCrimsonShout
You put the wrong chapter
6/9 c4 Drag7
oh good, a system slavery novel. Goodby free will
6/7 c31 5RT89
might want to recheck this chapter, you called him Madara and the Slytherines are all at Gryffindor. Great chapter thouh.
6/6 c2 Glitner
ugh whats with your fucking writing style... chinese cultivation styled writing is so disgusting , feels like a 10 year old trying to speak english and hoping to use flowery words to make it sounds better when it only makes it sound like a retard is speaking, sorry but i have such aversion for this type of writing i cant even continue to read
6/5 c30 Syellen Einzbern
I liked it
6/4 c13 Anus
This story is written like it has been translated using Google. Either that or an AI wrote it. Interesting concept but weird more than bad execution.
5/27 c27 ja3419
If Dumbledore tries this nonsense of gaslighting a student to use on Snape. Then Snape is liable to kill him.
5/15 c20 sage7th
“Headmaster” not director
5/15 c19 sage7th
James potter not Harry Potter
4/27 c12 1Sanas22
Eh? You were write with the timeline before. Why suddenly shifting and making Severus a year younger? Also, a student joins Hogwarts at age 11, so Year 5 should be 16 years old as you wrote it, and Year 6 should be what Severus came back to.
4/27 c9 Sanas22
Appearance of a Seventh Year? Isn't Severus a 6th year student? Surely one year can't be that much of a change in physical appearance for someone.
4/27 c6 Sanas22
I don't reckon Severus would've enough money to pay for the lodge, let alone 3 months of food stock. lol
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