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3/29 c1 219Cosmic Sky
That was much funnier than I thought it'd be! I guess Roy could call Cecilia his fiancé since they are engaged, or he could just call her his lover. Them being the last two left together at Castle Bern opened up some possibilities, though it was just nice to imagine them being the last two of the big multi-facet army left. The tidbit of backstory on Cecilia's family was a good leadup to them going through the letters, especially since it included Roy shamelessly praising her beauty in a way that left her flustered.

Now then, as for the letter reading...I loved it from start to finish! The sheer number to the senders to their contents all got some interesting and downright funny reactions out of Cecilia. Roy's dreading of each one and his reaction to Cecilia's jealously was another high note. Based on her reaction in this story and the previous one...yeah, Cecilia Prydwen is absolutely the jealous type, and after all that I wouldn't be surprised if she turns a little more possessive of Roy; I'd certainly love to see that and thus it blows their plan to keep their relationship a secret for a while out of the water.

The letters from their family contrasted each other in good ways while still being generally positive. Eliwood's whole-hearted acceptance of their relationship and the ominous word Mr. Prydwen's letter really painted a picture of what awaits our red-and-green couple. I can't wait to see how each meeting goes!

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