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5/21 c12 Zekedavis
so will a pairing for peter/harry make its way in at some point or will he be single
5/21 c12 Super Squashman
Please continue this amazing story
5/18 c12 Guest
'Still with us?
5/20 c12 Mari Wollsch
super great! can't wait for more xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
5/17 c12 Heian Jirou
Which Part/Phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are we on, as of this chapter? Because I’ve honestly lost track…
5/18 c12 ayanami168
Excelente historia.
5/12 c12 Guest
'Still with us?
5/13 c12 12Esmereilda
Nice. I loved it. Especially I tell you introduced Matt Murdoch.
5/12 c12 1310
i really loved this! as always, your concepts are unique and the way you write your stories is really well done! i look forward to more of your works and more chapters for this story! :D
5/12 c12 Dadycoool
This has been wonderful so far. Your version of Peter (Harry) has been doing a wonderful job of contributing to the universe without feeling utterly out of place.
Also love the commentary on a few plotpoints, like everything in Civil War.
5/10 c12 25917brat
This is so wonderful and I love how his past life as Harry Potter has changed him as Peter now.
5/10 c12 Braeden1002
With this earthquake hitting the section of Hell's Kitchen what I am hoping is we head in the direction of Into the Spider-verse. I would love to see this version o Spiderman being pulled into or to have all I the other's brought into his. This is partially because I really want to see Peter with Gwen as an official couple.
5/7 c10 Guest
I wouldn't mind a scene where Harry-as-Peter Parker tells The Avengers the full story of 'The Tale Of The Three Brothers'-not just the rushed version he shared here in this chapter-and each of The Avengers analyses/comments/dissects it.

I wonder what Thor and The Asguardians would make of 'The Tale Of The Three Brothers' (and the other of Beedle the Bard's stories...)...?
5/7 c12 Ashima Takumi
The Normal Innocent Bystander's Survival Guide:
• If you are a news reporter, find a happy medium between the people's right to know and your right to not get kidnapped/held hostage/etc.
• Likewise, if you are a policeman, bank guard, or night watchman, and your first shot bounces off of the intruder's chest, try shooting other areas of the intruder's body, like their face, groin, etc. If this also fails, do not waste the rest of your ammo on him/her/it, or risk your neck in hand-to-hand combat; instead, fall back and observe.
• If the Hero and the Evil Overlord are engaged in mortal battle, go somewhere else as quickly as possible, before you are squished by a car, the statue of the city's founder, or a collapsing skyscraper.
• If a Superhero takes up residence in your city, a nice spacious estate in the country will help you to actualise your potential lifespan.
• If you are a security guard for a vast, powerful corporation, try to get assigned to the Marketing or Personnel departments, rather than R&D.
• If you are a police man, bank guard, or night watchman, and somebody breaches the concrete walls of your facility, it is generally a waste of time trying to ask them about their business.
• Do NOT attempt to chase custom-built vehicles, even if you are a policeman.

(Yeah, I feel like keeping this and any other similar lists in mind whenever your main character goes Neutral Good/True Neutral, as in the case of this story up to this chapter…)
5/6 c12 Phoenix
Matt got new clients and a healer. LOL thanks for the update and I hope you're doing well
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