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for Is it Wrong to Trailblaze in the Dungeon?

7/16 c1 Dima
How about a fanfiction idea where the characters of Danmachi are in a huge room with a big screen like in a movie theater and there will be a lot of tables and chairs around it so that the audience can comfortably look at another world, namely The Lord of the Rings. The room will be attended by Hestia's family, Hephaestus, Hermes, Ganesha, Loki, Freya, Uranus, Dionysus, Takemikazuchi, Miah and talking monsters. All of them will see that Bell Kranel (Aragorn), Leifia (Arwen), Riveria (Galadriel), Gareth (Gimli), Ottar (Theoden), Bethe Loga (Eomer), Finn (Sam), Anya the female version (Peregrine Took), Chloe the female version (Meriadoc Brandybuck), Mia the female version (Bilbo), Lily the female version (Frodo) and Raul (Faramir). It will be very interesting what will be their reaction to what is happening on the screen!
7/17 c2 IsekaiFanBoi
The trash goblin Caelus lmao.
7/17 c2 Shen1412
Looking forward for next chapter
7/16 c2 DragonTetho
Ey ey, I think Firefly would 100% look for her Trash Racoon, no one will get in between her and her Caelus!

In all seriousness, I wonder how much things will change with our favorite Trailblazer here?
5/10 c1 KaleidoscopeZ
finally some good fucking food. keep on cooking my dude.
Wow a crossover with hsr didn't expect that, anyways it's a great crossover. Alfia being Caelus mother in this universe s something I didn't think haha hotdamn. Also Aha trolling the incarnate of Akivili again is something else haha.
4/19 c1 Shen1412
4/15 c1 Wowa
Wow Erebus bang Alfia
4/15 c1 K. God
Yet another story, I sure hope this wont impact the schedule of the other two *cough cough*

Back on the topic at hand, I think this is a decent introductory chapter, but I have a couple of things that I think needs pointing out.

Firstly is the grammar. Its a bit rough around the edges and could definitely benefit from stewing in the revising stage for a bit longer. Another is how clunky some scenes felt, especially some sections that say that Erebus is bad and evil. Nothing too egregious but could definitely use some work on the transitioning inbetween a few of the paragraphs.

The other thing that stuck out to me was that I know jackshit about the plot. I think that this just stems from this being the first chapter, although I do think there isn’t enough focus on Caelus, especially if he is going to be the main character. I do know that there are little nuggets of lore about Caelus dropped that would definitely prove relevant later on, but I just wish we got to know more about him as a character. Maybe a bit more dialogue so we can really get to see some of the gremlin energy we know and love from the HSR Mcs.

Other than those two main complaints, those being grammar and plot ambiguity, I think this has great potential, especially if Caelus is tied to evil mcevilus over here. Can lead to some pretty interesting plot points, keep up the great work

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