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for LoN Spinoff: Some (Dis)Assembly Required

6/9 c3 4freedomringer
I hope motivation doesn't burn out. Sending motivational good vibes! Heeergh!
6/9 c1 freedomringer
I hope we get new updates. I hope inspiration keeps up man!
6/5 c2 3Merlynn2507
its Phil Coulson not Paul
5/29 c3 Hnbutt
Did you do any garmmatical tweaks to the chapter? It feels like the same.
5/23 c3 HurZysn
thanks for the update. I look forward to the future chaos
5/23 c3 marquis.shax
you should give Hima the Tenseigan since in the original story you only gave Naruto the fancy mystical magical eyeballs so in this story you should do the opposite and give Hima an upgrade
5/23 c3 2Home of the Brave
Thanks for the updates. Two places I would like to see Naruto and family to visit is Toriko, which I have recently gotten into. And Kenichi; Mightiest Disciple.
5/22 c3 Fanreader
Amazing new chapter. Love the story progress. Tony deciding to invite the kids is a great idea.

Pepper is angry at Tony wanting to read the following chapter with how the plotline is going on.
5/22 c3 Uncle Dork
I'm really enjoying the current spinoffs atm. Spit your shit fam, you do you
5/22 c3 serpentacodex
ooh good I was kinda worried t would only last past ironman 2 but im hoping it goes all the way to endgame
5/22 c3 Hnbutt
Love it, i wonder how iron man 2 stark handles the uzukids squad. Poor naming aside, love the takes you done, glad to see that Himawari has some of the worriedness her mother has. It will be hard for her. Good caracter building
5/22 c3 Habu2010
Please continue
5/22 c3 1Pungis
Fun chapter, I would have been fine with the story just being the kids but I am excited to see where Naruto’s side of things go.
5/22 c3 1Fan1one
Love the chapter.

Himawari need to destress or be more kid/teen, not so mature all the time it do shows with how she let her anger with the Hammer Guards. Cammy really is having a blast in Earth by been who she wants to be and loving all new experience that Earth can provide. Boruto really is loving be in Earth by finding new things to play around but also by making a name outside of his father shadow, but also finding people (Tony) that be friendly and be all scientifically mind.
5/17 c2 1Pungis
This is exactly the kind of continuation I was hoping for after LoN. It’s a fun and breezy read while still having an emotional core. Naruto’s reveal that Himawari is somewhat culpable for Borutos screw up was unexpected but welcome. The logic is sound, they are both their cause the have a lesson to learn. For Cammy it just seems like an extra dimensional trip abroad to find herself which is a really nice idea. She gets to expand her horizons in a new and exciting way. Knowing that Naruto and the others are keeping an eye on things is nice as well.

All in all I am super hyped to see where this story goes and how all the usual types react to the ninja incursion. I hope that the Ancient One is pleasantly surprised as the future unfolds in new and hopefully brighter ways.
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