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for A Jinchuriki's Hero Time

6/6 c2 Guest
Plz tell us that Naruto and Kevin become like best friends/brother in arms?
6/6 c2 mui goku
please update
5/22 c2 Guest
I love this please continue. Kevin with turbine makes total sense I how she joins in on the hero work too plus I hope she gets an actual name to not just turbine. I hope Naruto unlocks more aliens and uses more than just alien force aliens like the old aliens. If you have to use different designs don’t use omniverse those suck use fiver years later designs those are awesome. Can’t wait for the next chapter bro.

Eight eight
Lucy Mann
Rook shar
Kai green
Sakura(Benverse version)
Ino(bemverse version)
Hinata(benverse version)
Elena Valadis
5/22 c2 djinn
great new chapter.
5/21 c2 Just a wee guest
Hah harem knew it, after reading I knew it was going to be a wee awesome epic story. Can you imagine if Naruto met Princess Looma , probably get a rocket launch nosebleed. Great story by the way I’m looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the amazing work.
5/9 c2 Mr. E Guest
Nicely done, I can’t wait for more chapters to come, apart of me wants to know whose on Naruto’s via a list from you but apart of me want to wait and see how the story goes and who ends up with Naruto’s harem. All in all great job. Keep up the great work.
5/6 c2 Guest
This is really cool. Can't wait for more
5/6 c2 Guest
So do you just not have any fashion sense at all or what is with the bad clothing options for the main characters looking like randomized npcs?
5/7 c2 volcasiron30
each chapter I'm reading is another work of art from you thank you so much this amazing story even if it's only two chapters in I love your spin on the Ben 10 X Naruto crossover story hopefully you are one of the few individuals that will finish this crossover story an amazing thing is that you did alien Force right after the recap on what happened over the summer with Naruto and his friends. can't wait for chapter 3 to come out.
5/6 c2 kival737101
So Kevin is hooking up with an Older woman?
5/6 c1 Poppeter17
can't wait for more
5/6 c2 fresh prince1
Nice xhapter and I liked the hypercube
5/6 c2 Dktv9
Good second Chapter!
5/2 c1 Mr. E Guest
Wow turning the entire Ben ten series into a prologue and jumping into Alien Force already. I’ll be honest I can’t wait for more of this series. I’ve seen Author “ Power of Magic “ with many Will and Naruto spinoffs but never saw a Ben Ten crossover as this’ll be the first. I’m curious if this’ll be a Harem as well cause if it is it’ll be awesome . All in All great job and keep up the great work and again can’t wait for more to come from this.
5/3 c1 1v2
well i'm hooked
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