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7/17 c3 16BraviaryScout
First up, I do appreciate the whole keeping pokemon from saying their names out loud and making them more animalistic. While I understand that's what some authors like, it's never really sat well with me. One thing at the beginning as well; I'd probably also put in a little bit of how and why Haruki is walking around the hospital. Most of the time, unless they're discharged, the staff won't let them walk freely and definitely not unsupervised.

Ha! Answering both the meat question and the whole part of which universe this is. You did a great job at making it both plausible, but also the fact that pokemon were a prominent food source in the past before artificially grown meat sources took over. I like how you've also made things wildly different with the berries and other foods not being complete tit for tat on their real world counterparts.

The whole thing of trying to explain both the real world and how it is in the game is quite fun to read and so far I seriously like what you've done. There's a lot of thought put into this and it shows. It looks like I'm caught up, but consider me quite eager to see where else this story is going to lead.
7/17 c2 BraviaryScout
This is some great dynamic you've got going between Anabel and Looker. Even though they were just introduced, it feels like they've been colleagues for years.

I'm looking forward to seeing how really far down they're going to be finding out about Haruki's origins and how he ended up in Alola of all places.
7/17 c1 BraviaryScout
Finally got around to reading this. I'm very much liking the premise and establishment that Haruki is already a pokemon fan before he gets thrown straight into the actual world. A really well done job in explaining the shock from something so anomalous to the realization that a franchise he's so into actually exists.

I know from bits and pieces how things will eventually play out, but am curious to see how it'll happen as things unfold. Favoriting and following this for sure.
7/17 c3 1HiroTheHobbyist
Great work! Looking forward to more
6/1 c2 3Zandaino-Nova-Ari
The conversation was like they were trying to tip toe around a pride of man eating lions while walking over Legos.
6/1 c2 1Shredded Metal
Whats wrong with the fish? They eat meat in pokemon.
5/23 c1 CodyGryfor
Great first chapter cant wait for more

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