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for Frostfyre

6/7 c8 Guest
This is an amazing story, can't wait for the next chapter
6/6 c8 Gouravsilentreader
Awesome and interesting story
6/3 c8 LunaLuna99999
Love the story!
5/31 c8 Guest
Great chapter! Thank you :)
5/31 c8 marisares76
Actually, yeah, I thought you pulled it off rather well. Thanks.
5/31 c8 Chase Davis
Next chapter please
5/31 c8 3suppes1
5/29 c7 Chase Davis
Absolutely beautiful good plot overall alot better than most kepp the chapters coming
5/27 c7 Andr Le Ntre
Ned is probably the only lord in that universe that would spare Martin's life and I really appreciate him for this.
I binged throught the 7 chapters and I really like this concept, I wonder if Jon will have to go in exile to Essos when Frostfyre will becomes too big to hide or would probably join the Watch from what I inferred from the Aemon T. tag in the story.
I would love if Ned told Jon about the love story of Jacaerys and Sara Snow because THAT would be an interesting concept to explore with the egg hiding in her statue.
Thank you for your gorgeous work and please accept my best regards!
5/26 c7 marisares76
I am really lovin' this story! More, more!
5/26 c7 Ellie.Cast4
Logic. Sense. Loyalty to Jon. Things that Ned never seems to have (am I the only one bothered by them betrothing Sansa to the Crown Prince).
Anywho, love the direction. That you forced him into action. That Jon gets to express his love, that he’ll feel his support!
Great chapter.
5/26 c7 jm403521
there are far to many fics that shows Jon instantly being angry or resentful of Eddard even if the lies were for his protection, so this is kinda refreshing. God bless you author
5/25 c7 Coult45
Another awesome chapter. Curious to see which fort you use. Even more stoked to see if Jon meets certain freefolk earlier than cannon.
5/25 c7 Travis Btmb
5/25 c7 LordDarkness89
thanks for the chapter bro. hope jon meet another aemon on the wall
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