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7/1 c5 CDOGGCAT345
I so need a small AU with Rusted Knight Weiss.
6/26 c10 7BlueJack22
Volume two here we come
6/8 c8 11nashwhitewolf
Jaune becoming a host of every important character speedrun.
6/8 c8 SoulDevils
Well situation become strange every single time.
Now we have miss killed herself and leave her family dying for nothing.
Well she probably is different and more useful I hope.
About Jabberwalker summon is kinda stupid idea because without any jokes he is actually weak as ordinary Beowulf and only his treat is he probably(maybe not) is immortal and he can kill being forever not permitting them have afterlife or reincarnation destroying his enemies souls if they are enough weak to kill them.
Summoning him is very stupid.
He was easily defeated by one armed Yang easily.
And Rusted Knight saying such nonsense like he wasn’t enough powerful to kill him stupid.
I will be honest I actually hate Rusted Knight and everything he are but even he is such a trash loser he is not that weak.
He is enough powerful to kill Jabberwalker without problems even he is weakest loser in show who almost accidentally died by Weiss weak fire ball and the dumbest being in fiction who doesn’t even have enough braincells to fix his stupid sword DECADES and have any useful knowledge because team RWBY ironically had beyond more knowledge than him living in these world 20 years.
6/4 c7 SoulDevils
Well situation became worse and worse for heroes every single time possible.
I will not be surprised if situation in this timeline will be beyond level worse possible than any timeline before.
I don’t see any way heroes to somehow give even a fight in that situation.
Cinder knows about information they actually have and can easily change everything.
Jaune unknown new semblance doesn’t look even useful at all and I don’t believe he would be really impressive compared with his canon version who actually are really weak.
All this games didn’t give information to Oz probably will finish bad for everyone.
I truly believe another version of Jaune and Weiss should stop being such stupid cringe haters and show information they have to Oz and any character who really deserves to trust because I will not being surprised if Cinder already gives absolutely all information to Salem.
6/3 c7 Vazelisk
Rusty, when he sees the breakdown of a kind Synder: "The aura of a caring uncle"
Rusty, when he sees the bitch Synder: "An aura of unrestrained rage!"
6/2 c6 Tagcircles
If White becomes more upfront and bold while in Weiss’ bodies in front of her friends, they’re all going to think Weiss is the most bipolar person ever. One minute, she’s all over Jaune. The next, she acts like Jaune is a bug she scraped off her shoe.

It could get worse where Pyrrha might think that Weiss is messed up enough to want Jaune’s attention for whatever reason.
5/31 c4 Kuuhaku
By this time in thr EverAfter, the Paper Pleasers should have been replaced by The Genial Gems
5/30 c6 7BlueJack22
Now things are really getting intense
5/26 c5 dmitriivanadis
and this was an unexpected turn, especially now I wonder what kind of reaction Jon (the rusty knight) will have to such a neighbor.
5/25 c5 Vazelisk
Fuck, fuck, fuck! Code "White", Code "White", Code "White"! Arkos is under threat!
Pyrrha should hurry up, otherwise things may not turn out too well!
5/25 c5 1Mgl1206
Holy shit lol, a good cinder got taken over by evil cinder and now shes stuck in Jaunes head. I suppise theyll put out a bounty saying that a criminal with a semblance to take over others that have auras will be sent out to make sure Cinder doesnt get hit with hatred and a criminal record when she gets her body back.
5/25 c5 MereC55
This is inventive. I like it. Poor good Cinder, though. Welp, I'm sure she ain't ever gonna want to support Salem now. I want our two Rusted Knights and their bodies to get together.
5/25 c5 Midnight49
So a Rusted Knight version of multiple people are coming into this world is cool idea
5/25 c5 7BlueJack22
Oh this story is going to be very interesting
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