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7/12 c16 Fredward1
Imagine a devil saving themselves for marriage. Just think of that sentence for a while. It doesn’t make any sense now does it? A devil. Saving themself for marriage. Absolutely wild.
7/11 c10 Fredward1
I think it would’ve been a good little addition to have great red show up to the party. Just eating food and what not lol.
7/4 c16 scarman1987
Great work as usual, but I have a question. I could have missed it, but did you ever include Food Honour and Food Immersion for Mathias? It definitely seemed like something he should get on, But I don't remember it in his skills.
7/3 c2 firestarter1188
You yourself as a author or the most inconsistent thing. First you have a gamer whose mind can't be read so he gets killed and now all of a sudden great red can read this gamers mind with no problem like what the f***.
isn't the game supposed to stop his mind from being read it's the most annoying thing when an insert gets found out for being an insert the worst trope ever
7/3 c16 shypunk
thanks for the chapters and for writing. hope to see more
6/30 c16 Evan
Update soon
7/2 c4 AnthonyR89
pfft. Blaise Zabini was daphne greengrass before daphne was. then rowling revealed that he was a dude.
7/2 c2 AnthonyR89
you kind of made Sirzechs super fucking racist here. saying that raising a pt is good training for managing a peerage basically calling reincarnated devils, animals.
7/2 c5 Phantomslap
Great so far, but a couple of gripes. I am sometimes confused by who is the one talking, or who they are talking about/too. I still am confused by who are what gender. You so he and then she about the same person seconds later.
6/29 c10 Guest
his so weak nerf
6/30 c1 PersonHumanThing
Apparently, it doesn't show up in comments either
6/30 c1 PersonHumanThing
I’m not sure why, but for some reason, the in S doesnt show on mobile. Do you think you could show S as SS instead, if not it’s fine I'll just take a guess
6/29 c16 Mr.BrownOptometrist
Great chapter, keep up the awesome work
6/28 c16 nephilim015
Damnnnnn i caught up! Nice nice cant wait again for more chapters! Good job!
6/28 c8 nephilim015
I been rereading this story since its part of snippet, and i just realize now. What happen to tobio childhood and girlfriend sae? Did she not exist here or because of butterflies didnt met tobio?
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