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for No Measure of Time

9m c5 ClaceLover08
i want more please i love this story it is awesome and I love this series :)
15m c5 22katinki
Ah! This is such fun! I can't wait for Bella to meet "Mr. Cullen". I felt sorry for her, too. This girl has gone through some things! She needed that moment of catharsis!
1h c5 sherylb
1h c5 biblepam
Thanks for updating
1h c5 AnakinSmom
Damn those feathers!
2h c5 1Alice's White Rabbit
Hopefully, we'll learn more about Isabella and James' backstory at some point.

2h c5 12Eternally Addicted
Can’t wait to see who Mr. Masen realy is. Is he human? Vampire? An ancestor of Mr. Cullen? And “who” he is means for Bella! So exciting!
3h c5 1918Vampyre
Very creative story. Thanks!
6h c5 CoppertopJ
I love hearing Bella’s thoughts!
7h c5 KatHat4
Well, lookie there!
Mr. Edward is in the house! No one knows where he comes from?
James must have been an a-hole for Maggie to be that adamant.
Thanks for writing this unique story!
7h c5 mnnlisa
She found Edward
7h c5 7Lizzie Paige
One answer and now more questions. We now also know that Edward is an extremely talented musician and I’m wondering if Isabella will wrangle an introduction somehow.
Thanks for the update. :)
10h c5 MsLiss
10h c5 cctwilight
Oh wow! Will Bella get to talk with Edward after the concert?
10h c5 lvk1978
Surprise, Bella! So Edward is a hot musician, is he? Glad Mrs. Egerton is a reliable source of information. I’m anxious to see if Edward recognizes Bella. It would be cool if they were time-traveling together. Maybe they could help each other out or maybe Edward could help Bella forget about her unfortunate marriage to James.

Whatever happens, I’m here for it. Thanks for sharing.
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