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for A Poem for Anima

7/9/2005 c4 ShadowCoeur
Seymour..aww, that was so sad...You're going to carry on to the point of Yunalesca and beyond, right? About what he did to Yuna, too, while his mother watches and is unable to do anything. Even Jyscal's death. Wow. Continue if you will, please.
12/23/2004 c3 Guest
Oh, original and interesting! And you actually understand that poetry doesn't have to rhyme! I'm anxious to read more...I like where this is going...the choice of subject is fascinating, I've always wondered about Anima.
12/17/2004 c3 4pen name redacted
Brilliant ^_^ You seem to have got the hang of free verse, unlike most people. One thing, though- It's Jyscal, not Jamal. But otherwise, no complaints :D
8/15/2004 c3 The freaky wolfie
8/15/2004 c3 Lil Mary-sue
*sniff* I don't oten think about aeons as the fayth, this makes you think. I liked it, but very sad.
8/19/2003 c2 Demon King
I feel Animas' pain I truly do. Anyway I like where this is going I truly wish for you to update it please.
7/26/2003 c1 1Vivid Crimson Image
Aw... I feel Anima's pain... good job... -sniffles.- I feel your pain, Anima...
7/22/2003 c1 3DeathAngelsEriiko
Wow,this is such a kewl Poem ^_^ i tried to write a poem was HORRIBLE though..Anyway,YOUR COOL!^_^;


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