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1/11/2020 c9 CFZ
Really like this sequel too. Don't suppose tthere's another one? :)
6/11/2018 c9 AgentKalGibbs
BAHAHA! Those interviews were fantastic, and that ending is most hilarious!
6/11/2018 c6 AgentKalGibbs
AWWW! Such a great speech!
12/5/2016 c9 Guest
Yeah, Jack finally getting credited with the ideas!
7/22/2015 c9 Guest
Great stories - Thanks!
7/16/2013 c9 mmkbrook
LOVED the ending. As this fic is 10 years old decided to just review at the end. The lesson to be learned-never under estimate Sam and her doohickeys!
1/25/2012 c9 8hedwiggins
Love this story; great job. I confess I didn't understand much of the technical stuff, so I sort of skimmed over it.

Love having Jonas Quinn in the story; as head of the news company.

I also love that Jennifer Hailey was included in it and think she and Daniel make a good pair; really cute bit at the end with her telling him to get over it and marry her. :)
9/24/2010 c2 VegasBarbie Barb Field
Hey Ted... any chapters past 2 arent able to pull up on this story... please tell me you can fix this!

Vegas Barbie (how are things on your side of the puddle?)
8/9/2009 c9 6Hazmatt
Wonderful story! I really enjoyed it! Perfect! I loved the ending!
8/9/2009 c8 Hazmatt
Brilliant chapter! Very detailed and insightful! I really enjoyed it! Absolutely perfect! I hope things work out!
8/9/2009 c7 Hazmatt
Brilliant chapter! I really enjoyed it! I hope nothing bad happens to anyone! I liked the part with Jonas at the end!
8/9/2009 c6 Hazmatt
Brilliant chapter! Very emotionally moving ending! I really enjoyed it! Amazing!
8/9/2009 c5 Hazmatt
Wow! Very creative attack strategy! I really enjoyed it! I hope they can prevent Daniel from doing damage to their "mission"!
8/9/2009 c4 Hazmatt
Very intense chapter! I really enjoyed it! I hope they work things out!
8/9/2009 c3 Hazmatt
Very interesting chapter! I really enjoyed it! I like this story!
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