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6/30/2007 c14 Celes
Upon reading this entire fanfiction, I totally want to strike the last comment from the record.

This is amazing. Even your OCs are just... wonderful! It takes a considerable amount of talent to work them in flawlessly, and yet...~ I must say, I'm eagerly waiting for more when they come. The quality is superb.
6/27/2007 c2 celes
I think your descriptions of scenes and body motions are really spot on. I like to read things usually a bit more detailed and linked to other things. (wow, for someone who likes to read it I sure do fail in writing it :P)...

But I really like how clean-cut this feels. I was sent here by a friend... never knew you wrote as well! Awesome work, I feel compelled to read further.

And I really love your Sheik. You made me fall in love with him all over again ^_^
6/22/2007 c14 thekeshia
...this isnt the first time ive reviewed...but i still like the story a obviously have a hell of a lot of talent in writing and drawing, ive seen them both

your ever loyal fan,

6/21/2007 c14 anonymous
amazing story! you have really captured the characters and i love all of the attention to details; especially in the way you describe the all of the areas, from the Sun Temple to the rice-paddies and fields. Trully amazing job! i also am completely head-over-heals on how you developed the sheikah race and their language. And i found it adorable how you've included majora mask's "doubles" theme in the other lands (such as in Romani Valley!) fantastic job; more, more!
6/16/2007 c14 a better whirlpool
wow... I typically enjoy reading one-shots because I get tired from reading chapter after chapter but when I started reading this from the beginning last night, I couldn't stop! This fic is so excellent, to say the least. Thanks for the great writing that really held my attention. :)
6/16/2007 c14 12nife
Awesome story, yo! Can't wait for another chapter.
6/14/2007 c14 21Link-luvr
Another masterpiece of a chapter. Very creepy, and sad with the whole infected Sheikah euthanasia (to use a euphemism) subject.

Hope you update soon! :D
6/14/2007 c14 6Moonlight Mile
Joy of joys! You have updated! *giddiness*

As always, it has been highly enjoyable. Always very creative, always keeping me on the edge of my computer chair. And as always, it always leaves me wanting more.

A wonderful and very satisfying break from cleaning around the house.

Can't wait until the next one!
6/14/2007 c14 10Raven the Joker
Wow took you long enough to update -laughs-, but tis' a great chapter! Can't wait for the next one. :)
6/13/2007 c14 T420000
arg lol i love the chapters u write but they always leave us hanging and asking for more XD what will happen i dont nkow..poor link and sheik never get it on lol they need snuggle time. well another great chapter, cant wait for more : D
6/13/2007 c14 32Seraphyne
Yeah! Another chapter... Dum dum dum! Poor Link and Sheik can't they have their manly love?
6/12/2007 c14 1Rubysaphire
YES! Thank you for another chapter!

I love this story! I can't beleive that you're only planning on making it 19 chapters...
6/12/2007 c14 22Aurora-Kayd
Surprisingly, (at least to me) I am relieved that they were interrupted. I get rather paranoid about bad feelings.

The depth of this story continues to impress. Thanks for updating!
6/12/2007 c14 Bourgeois Sounds Swell
love it as always. I am most forgot about this story but not quite. cant wait for more.

One thing thoug, the he/she thing bugged me, it was distracting you should have just picked one or layed off the pronouns.
6/12/2007 c14 40an awesome blossom
Haha, poor Sheik. ALMOST.

Anyway, Hellhounds? Hmm. Looking forward to the next chapter!
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