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9/28/2006 c13 5Ranma Higurashi
Oh, I am EVER so glad that I found this again! Still loving it too! UPDATE SOON~!
9/24/2006 c13 10Spoons
I bow to thee, o master of zelda fics. O_o Beyond that, words fail me, cept that I anticipate the next chapter.
9/19/2006 c13 6Pasht
Great story! I don't often find really good Zelda fanfics. Especially Sheik/Link ones. This is very well written, I can't wait to read more! Please update soon!
9/18/2006 c1 32Seraphyne
Hiya, I saw your Sheik art on DeviantART and thought I'd take a gander at the story that inspired it all. Looks like it'll be good too. :D NEway, see ya on DA... (seraphyne.
9/14/2006 c13 6KabochaKitsune
I am utterly amazed by every bit of this.

I read all 13 chapters today (after discovering your deviantART site ^^), and I must say I am floored by your eloquence. Not only that, but also the depth and history you've put into this; Sheik's history and he's-not-Zelda explanation as you've detailed them are astounding, and I find myself enormously impressed.

My only suggestion would be to have your chapters carefully beta'd-there seem to be some repetitive words within sentences and the occasional stray comma. ^_~ That, however, is the only critique I have. Your work is consistent, well-thought-out, and just so beautifully worded that I'm wondering why the hell I hadn't come across this before.

And your Sheik/Link scenes make me all "aww" and lovey-dovey. Hee.

I look forward to the next update! *marks all the alert and favorite checkboxes*
9/11/2006 c13 10Angevar
*hums contentedly to herself* Interesting. Very interesting. And I'm quite impressed by how easy you've managed to make this whole mess for Link and Sheik (comparatively speaking in any case)

And I'm also quite ashamed of myself for taking a whole month to get around to reading this. *scolds herself* Good luck getting the next chapter up.
8/23/2006 c13 3DamnSephiroth
I really cannot express how much I love this. I even started reading it yesterday and I decided that I'd have to save the rest of it for today! Seriously, this is really great. I love the way you write the kissing scenes and I love how Link and Sheik are starting to be all cute together! I know that you're busy but please update as soon as possible!
8/22/2006 c13 kat
zomagar. Here I was lala, minding my own business and then suddenly OMG ACEILUX UPDATED. _ Needless to say this chapter makes my inner fangirl go squee. While it's given that both Link and Sheik are fairly oc, I love how you took them and made them into complex and entirely believable people. So kudos to you and please feed my inner fangirl with more chapters.
8/20/2006 c13 Captain-Z
Absolutely loved the new chapter! Your writing style is great it keeps the reader wanting more and there's so much suspense! Keep going, I can't wait for the next chapter!
8/15/2006 c13 Ace-of-Wands
Awesome chapter!

I really like the way you write your stories, very cliff-hangerish-OMG-must-read-the-next-chapter... which is how I like all my books to be!

I also love your expansion of the Zelda universe. The games are wonderful of course, but the background, characters, and storyline leave so many gaps that it's just dying to have a huge encyclopaediac novel akin to the Lord of the Rings written about it, and your story sure fits part of that bill!

I'd love for you to expand this story even further into more stories, and side-stories, with maps and diagrams and backstories *swoons* I love all the details that make it into a true fantasy-esque mind boggle of interesting lore and language!

Keep up the good work Wyna!

And update soon!
8/15/2006 c13 4Deity of Sorrow
Very, very, VERY awesome. As one has come to expect from your writing. =D Can't wait for the next chapter ... so ... hurry!
8/14/2006 c13 Dosu
You just keep building it up more and more! Such great detail, wow. This is going to have one hell of an ending! I can't wait until the next chpater. Poor het'vahrar, going to get yelled at by the high pristest.
8/14/2006 c13 Httw
its good! and fainlly! link and shiek 'goodieness!" *grins stupidly* i love your story. its got a nice plot, and moves along at a nice pace. your side stories (folklore, info on whats happened over the years, explanations between link and sheik's relationship, etc.) sound very realistic, and are fun to read, tho i'd like to hear more about link and shiek's previous and less "enthusiastic" (for lack of better word) relationship during time when link "grew-up" i love it tho! and will happily await updates!
8/13/2006 c13 5Red RoseDragon
I liked the sweetness with Link and Sheik in this one. :D Both in the game and this story Sheik is extremely closemouthed, so to see him open up is exciting.

I also like his reaction to the rogue Sheikah (yay, I recognize Kafei and Anju!)-he's a very honor-bound character, and his thoughts on the other Sheikah showcase that very nicely. He's also a lot more practical than I would be in his place.

A thought-could you translate the Sheikah sentences at the end of the chapter, or something? It's easy to get the gist of it in the story context, but it would be nice to know what it says.

Thanks very much for an excellent chapter. Am waiting eagerly for the next one!
8/13/2006 c4 Httw
i like this, its a cool story... tho im waiting impatiently for the slashy parts! *grins widely* im curious whats happened to link tho, he does seem a lot different than from before... despite the fact he never really had a set 'personality' or any such. of course, no offence to our esteemed link, i love him too much to slight him! ^^
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