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7/23/2006 c12 8atomicpen
Must... read... more...

This is probably the best Zelda fic I've read so far-and I've read a lot (god damn free time). Very few mistakes-and only in the earlier chapters-and quite captivating. You've managed to incorporate new lands and creatures and concepts into the OoT/Zelda world flawlessly. I wanted to draw pictures while I was reading this n.n;

I also read the Sënaii Liëtte fic you wrote, and liked that a lot as well; I also checked out the drawings you have on devART-love the Sheik ones-and am wondering if I could have the link to join the LJ community or look at the site-I forget exactly what you said it was in one of the previous chapters.

Definitely going to read more of your fics. =D Also, looking very much forward to the next chapter of Aceilux-and maybe an explination of the name ^_^
7/19/2006 c12 Garnet-Crystals
...And you had to end it at that, though I don't blame you, but now it's time for the waiting game...sadly.

This is definitely one of the best Link/Sheik fanfictions written, and I'm also happy that at twelve chapters it's still going strong.

I can't force you to, but I'd be happy for an update. If not, I can also wait...for something like this, yeah!
7/18/2006 c12 cats eat bugs
Yes. Just, yes.

Your work, both your artwork and your writing has gotten me hooked on Sheik/Link, or just Sheik in general, and I'm currently in the process of rooting out the rest of the well-hidden fanbase and fiction, as I finished the last chapter.

I am full of appreciation for the masterful building of tension an d romance between the two, undeniably present but not in-your-face obvious... something that seems to fit much better with your characterization of them.

I love the way that you have embellished and added so much more depths to the Sheikah; I've yet to find another fic that does as well.

Hoping to read more soon.
7/15/2006 c12 Sekkai.Ry
The most I can say at this point is wow. This is one of the best fanfics I've ever read, tied for first with another Link x Sheik one I read recently. The way you play the characters, the history you developed, your writing style, and every other thing about it I just love.

Though yes, the fangirl in me whines and pouts over the lack of slash so far, yet the way you've writen it makes it seem as if it could really happen. As if this is not just fictional, but the actual retelling of something that did happen. You make me excited to find out what happens next, and there hasn't been a single time that I could guess exactly what was going to happen. Something I rarely find in fanfictions, things are usually far too predictable to really interest me.

I wanted this to be a well rounded review, yet there isn't a single thing I can think of that I'd suggest improvement upon. So I commend you for getting my love, and I shall be eagerly awaiting the next installment. Very eagerly!
7/10/2006 c12 Morna
I don't know which is better your artwork or your writing! Well, I love both but you got to update soon!
7/4/2006 c2 kiara torriceas
you rock. i looked at some of your pics on and the one of queen zelda is my background on desktop...:) and this chapter didn't suck. it is better than some of the published stories i've read
6/22/2006 c12 7Demain Matin
This story is amazing. Keep updating ^_^ This goes straight in my fav stories list, that's for sure!
6/18/2006 c12 Bourgeois Sounds Swell
really great story. cant wait for more. update soon
6/17/2006 c12 Despgamer
hey I just finished reading the whole story so far, I had a lot a trouble stopping with that and i'am now very disappointed that you have not been able to complete the story any further.

I was not very pleased to read Link as a gay but hell it's brilliantly written so who gives a shit ey?

Missed a lot a action from Link, till the last chapter though.

Its a pity but i always had this picture of Link as an expert swordsman/bowman from the beginning and now yer telling that sheik had to teach Link a couple a tricks.

i like the way you display Sheik and Zelda as different characters Especially Sheik is an exellent character(hell he should he is the main character after all :P)

But anyways keep up the fine work and iam looking forward to the next chapter :D
6/16/2006 c12 T420000
oh wow this is so cool! i cant wait to see what happens. I'm only worried cuz it says you started this in 03 and its 06 i hope you dont have long waits when your posting new chapters, cuz i dont think i can wait that long! this is just soo so cool
6/15/2006 c12 10Angevar
... *mutters* Evil cliffhangers...

As far as LinkxSheik interaction goes, everything seems strangely normal and calm and ... un-hormone-ridden. Which is nice because it's refreshing and normal and such but isn't nice because... well... frankly speaking, rabid fangirls in general are very fond of sexual tension. *sighs with resignation* But then again, if I haven't figured out that this thing is, first and foremost, a good adventure story with bits of shounen-ai throw in for the fangirls, then I'm an idiot. Hopefully I'm not an idiot. Erm... I don't know what I'm saying. I'll shut up now.
6/15/2006 c11 Angevar
*eyes bug out* Ye Gods and Wee Fishes... that first bit was unxpected. o.o *stumbles around in lime-drenched daze*

Brigs: *steers Angie towards next chapter*
6/13/2006 c12 13Anime Huggler
Pretty much flawless. I can say 'I can't wait for the chapter!11' but that's not enough. I'll be checking back every other day, becuase I just can not get enough of this story. Wow.
6/12/2006 c10 10Angevar
(it figures that once I get online to review you'd put up 2 more chapters... not complaining of course *worships* but the comp I'm on won't lemme save web pages...)

Mufufufu... *chuckles quietly and rubs hands together in manner of evil genius plotting downfall of the world* This seems to be picking up a little, in more ways than one. I must admit, I'm gobbling up the Link/Sheik interaction like candy (as only a truly beyond redemtion fangirl can). I also quite enjoyed the descriptions of O-Ikirith and quite agree with Faneer, O-Kerth just doesn't sound as... cool and intimidating.

And I've been having far too much fun at Sheik's expense. :] I'm a sorid, disreputable and hopelessly addicted slash fangirl and only things left I have to say are that you are far too talented at cliffhangers and, as I've said before, I have yet to find a Zelda slash fic I like better on this site. May your ego outgrow your skull and may your muses never shut up. ^-^ Ja.
6/6/2006 c12 5DaydreamScribe
I don't read Zelda fics too often, but I'll definitely start reading more. This is really great, it's so detailed and it flows smoothly. Nothing feels rushed (which tends to happen) and I can comprehend everything that's going on.

I spent a good two hours or so reading the whole thing through and couldn't help but pout when i reached this last update. I hope it'll continue soon, the suspense is already killing me.
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