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5/19/2006 c12 Tenshi-No-Kira
THANK YOU! =D Awesome chapter. I loved it! All the suspense! And the Sheikah cut Link off right at an important sentence... oh, more suspense! I really can't wait for the next chapter now. =D Wow, this is such an amazing story! I love Sheik/Link, you write them so well! And the first person perspective is excellent also. ^_^_^_^_^

Well done! I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter. ^_^_^

~ Kurry
5/19/2006 c12 Anon
Another wonderful chapter. Erm, that's really all I can say. Though I did love the way Link handled the Brand issue.
5/19/2006 c12 22Aurora-Kayd
You're on a roll! Yay.

Good thinking Link! ... If a bit twisted. Effective none the less.

And there's the discussion, just as you promised :]

O more Sheikah. After your explination, I really paid attention to the fight and I could see the difference in the Sheikah fighting style.

As always, looking forward to more ^-^
5/19/2006 c12 1gilithramaloce
-sigh- another good cliffe. i don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing ^^. nice chapter. that was a very creative excuse you came up with for link to say about sheik. can't wait to read the next chappie, where sheik does some sweettalking.
5/19/2006 c12 Foggybrains
Bah, I'm assuming these people are Sheikah, so why are they attacking Sheik? Is it because he's an outsider, and is with a Hylian? That's the only reason I can think of.

I like how often you've been updating lately!

My hands are really bothering me... O_O They're all veiny for some reason...
5/19/2006 c12 Ace-of-Wands
Wowie! You certainly know how to write a cliffie!

So exciting! And interesting!

And update soon!

I love your writing style muchly!
5/18/2006 c11 Tenshi-No-Kira
GAH! OMG, you HAVE to continue this! This chapter was so freakin' awesome! First the part under the bridge, then the cliffhanger... I'm going to go INSANE waiting for the next chapter!

*applause* Excellent work! And I love your art, too. PLEASE update again. Take all the time you need, but don't leave the story unfinished! =D

~ Kurry
5/13/2006 c11 xslashx
YES! A kiss!

Now that was great, just keep on updating!

And at the rate that you are currently updating! That would be great!

Waiting for more moments between the two.
5/13/2006 c11 94Elf Asato
Oh no Sheik! This chapter was forty different kinds of awesome, by the way. I'd been waiting for the moment since chapter nine (when an impending kiss seemed most obvious to me)...

Please write more soon!
5/13/2006 c11 10Winter-Eyes
Finally the boys get some! Another great chapter...and a consistent weaving of the game with the AU plot that really sets this story above the rest. Please don't leave us on that cliffhanger for too long...
5/13/2006 c11 Watch Me
oh wow! Not only another chapter so soon, but another cliff hanger! Have you any idea how cruel you are? That aside, it was awesome. I'm not so sure I think Link covering Shiek's eyes was a great idea, but I'm sure he had his logic. I'm scared as to what Brand wants with Shiek, but I'll just have to wait!
5/12/2006 c11 26emeraldwolf
gah! not only a first kiss (gorgeously written, and so believable) but a cliffhanger too! ^_^ you're trying to kill us aren't you? hehe, awesome chapter. poor Sheik, removing his facewrap. did Link kiss him with his facewrap on? ah well, doesn't matter. can't wait for the next!
5/12/2006 c11 1Kiyri
Man, your stuff is the best.

I hate cliffys T-T

But I love where this is going ^-^
5/12/2006 c11 Ace-of-Wands
Dun dun dun!

omigosh! You can't end it there!

Too exciting!

Update son!

And I'm happy that Sheik and Link are finally getting some action! Nice build-up to it! ^_^
5/12/2006 c11 1gilithramaloce
uh oh. what's gonna happen to sheik. and WHO! -dances around room- they finally kissed! and a smoking kiss it was too. they should do it again soon. you're gonna throw them into a dungeon or something aren't you.
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