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8/26/2015 c19 ItStartsWithZ
wow. i had expected a plot twist, but this is a new level. one of the best link/sheik stories here. kudos!
6/11/2014 c18 Incomplete.Account
I knew you were leading up to something but /this/. I'm glad to find out that this isn't the happy little story I expected.
5/29/2014 c19 Amos De Libros
;-; This has got to be the most amazing story of Link/Shiek I've read. You did an absolutely amazing job.

There are a few, VERY FEW, grammatical/spelling errors you may want to read over, but otherwise I truly enjoyed it

You had me in tears at the end ;; *cries forever*
2/18/2014 c10 53DragonflyxParodies
Wow. Great job on this. I really love this story, and the ending was amazing. You've got a lot of talent-This was written in first person and I don't usually like first person :O
Definitely 5/5!
2/8/2014 c19 39Hylianshadow86
My hurts! Wonderfully written! Ver descriptive I could see everything so clearly! I'm not one for sad endings and I have so much feels right now! It seemed so right because he had a duty, but going against the will of the there seemed a bit off for the Sheikah. Still made for a great heart sinking read!
1/23/2014 c19 Cyanide Peppermints
That there was something wrong with Link, that I knew from the small hints that were giving in the story. BUT DAMN, that Sheik killed Link in the end ... that was really a bit surprise.
12/21/2013 c19 BlackDragon741

Very impressive indeed :D
Sad... but impressive, and I still loved it regardless.
12/4/2013 c19 1Verrbo
In all my fanfiction travels, this has been hands-down my favourite, regardless of fandom. I come back to it year after year.

The characterizations, the travels, the lust, the horror...phenomenal, heart-wrenching, all.

I just wanted you to know that this fic changed the way I thought about this series, and about fanfiction as a whole, when I read it many years ago. You have really given us the best that fans have to offer, and even now this is one of the yardsticks by which I measure all other fics I read.


And thank you.
11/25/2013 c19 11Cherry Burlesque
i was hoping for an ending that made me cry.

this made me cry.
really hard.
9/15/2013 c19 Guest sheik fell in love with a fake Link?
I'm kinda confused, but all in all, this was one of my favourite fics out there.
8/24/2013 c19 7shiroiokami
I didn't see that coming... though there were plenty of signs that something was off. Damn, seriously...
8/14/2013 c1 7theYellowDello
Just finished reading this, and I got to say-WOW! And you've got a great balance of plot and romance.
8/14/2013 c19 theYellowDello
that was so depressing! But I enjoyed it anyway. Thanks for posting!
10/7/2012 c19 xThrae
. . I must admit that I had guessed that Dark Link was involved somewhat, but wow. Just wow. I kinda freaked out, but then, when I was calming down, the realization hit: So... they're not gonna fuck...? Well damn.
xD Great work though! I love it. :3
8/13/2012 c19 10wanda von dunayev
Oh, wow. This is just... so magnificent. I've spent the past day reading it all, and I'm floored by how beautiful and well-paced and generally great it is.

And I loved the ending, even though it pained me. It was the right one, I think, and mad props to you for following through.
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