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5/12/2006 c11 3Mentle
We! You updated! I am so happy! And you did it so soon to! Wow I am just happy beyond belief! Thank you for that!

O they finally did soething together! Go Link! Heheh I am just squeeing like a school girl. Inside my head of course because I am reading this in class and I would get in loads of trouble if I did it out loud. Anyway wow you leave us at another cliff hanger! Your so good at that! It makes me wonder what is going to happen next. I wonder what that Brand guy is gunna do? He seemed not as angry as the others so maybe this will work out. I dont know. I bet they are gunna find out about Sheik. What then? See all these questions come up!

Anyways thank you for updating and the wonderful art you do to keep me, and others, entertained between updates!

Your Lord and Master Cantido

aka Funky-Pinapple
5/12/2006 c11 Anon
You are like the queen of cliffhangers. And writing skills. And history of Zelda. In short, this chapter was just as awesome as the rest.

The kiss scene was beautifully done, as were the little moments of awkwards ness afterwards.
5/12/2006 c11 Vel-chan
Who... What an amazing chapter! *_* I loved the kiss. I loved how it gave me chills... the "about to be kissed" bliss. Amazingly written!

As for Brand... ek. Your cliffhangers give me heart attacks. _ Seriously, my heart sunk and then jumped up my throat. Good Lord...

*gives you cookies and muffins* You need energies. Energies for fic. *grin*
5/12/2006 c11 22Aurora-Kayd

yay. ... YAY! At last, some of the tension finally got released! Oh I have been waiting forever for that. Now I know how that loverly piece of art you drew a while back fit in with the story.

But oh the cliffhanger! Stupid Brand. Stop being spooty and just let them pass! They've been through enough.

I am quite interested to where the "They ruined my life" line is going to lead. I have ideas, but I've learned not to rely to heavily on them in the fanfic world.

Thanks for updating so quickly ^-^
5/12/2006 c11 5Red RoseDragon

...Ahem. In other news, eek for Sheik! What're they gonna do?
5/11/2006 c8 10Angevar
I read this fic ages ago, and you'd only gotten teh chapters up 'till here posted. Lemme just say a few things here since I get the feeling I'm not gonna be able to review ch 9 & 10 anytime soon.

First: I LOVE your writing style. It's so detailed and descriptive and all the wonderful things I thrive on.

Second: This is the best written, multi-chap LoZ yaoi fic I have located to date. If you've seen anymore as good as this, please tell me where you found 'em. =3

Third: When/if I get the opportunity to do so, you can expect at least one long, fangirly and utterly incoherent review from me after I've read the next two chapters. Untill then, ja.
5/9/2006 c10 kristen
it's realy good! please write more soon!
5/8/2006 c10 faroreswind
Ah, the sexual tension between those two just keeps rising, as well as the sense of anxiety in the story. I love it! I cannot wait for the next chapter! :)
5/6/2006 c10 Timcanpi
Good lord am I glad that you updated this story. This is easily the best Zelda fic I have ever read and every new chapter is more gripping than the last. You have managed to keep both Link and Sheik perfectly in character through 10 long chapters and that is something to praise, even if that means sacrificing some of the more juicy situations that could arise(*wink*) Please continue with the good (amazing) work and update soon!
5/5/2006 c10 94Elf Asato
I just spent a good bit rereading the story need to continue this soon! Seriously, I'm dying. I heart this story so much but...I crave more! :)
5/4/2006 c10 Watch Me
o.o What a place to stop!

As always, it was wonderful. I certainly hope that was Link pinning Shiek to the wall. I would be so sad if this ended like Sadistic Shades. I can't take another Shiek death!

Eagerly awaiting the next chapter.
5/3/2006 c10 Ryukai-MJ
O.O What happen to Sheik?

And when Link and Sheik will jump on each other? XD
5/3/2006 c10 Artemis
I liked it I hope you update soon because it was col!
5/3/2006 c1 1Kiyri
Oh yes, and Ive been meaning to ask since chapter 1...

What does Aceilux mean? O.o

That's all. I'll be reviewing again soon.
5/3/2006 c10 Kiyri
Aw man, a cliffhanger?

You really know how to keep your readers.

Great chapter, by the way.
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