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2/22/2006 c9 Guest
An Update! ::dies from spazzing:: Thank you thank you thank you!

(I can't belive it's been two years... It was worth the wait though)

Another amazing, brilliant chapter. *hee* Intament moment. Drawing ever closer to the boy!kissing, I hope. I am concerned about this new nightmare though. I would much prefer the previous dream to come true ^.^

I kinda like Faneer, even if I don't trust him.

Angain, thank you for the loverly update and for sharing this loverly fic.
2/22/2006 c9 Ace-of-Wands
Oh my GOD!

I forgot this story even existed, let alone how great it was!

Please update soon! I loved this chapter!
2/22/2006 c9 1gilithramaloce
omg -dies- u updated. you finally updated. very nice chapter. poor shiek is going to burn himself out soon, but at least link will be there to take care of him when he does -hentai grin-. please please please update again soon!
2/22/2006 c9 Maxxim
Yay! You updated! (It's been almost a year?) Your Zelda is the scariest I've read in awhile; plus the rapport you are building between Link and Sheik is awesome (and we haven't even gotten to the smex yet!) The use of the characters from Majora's Mask was a great touch to the story as well. :)

I was afraid that you'd disappeared and your fic would never get going again. Glad to know the fic's still around!

maxxim_huzzah@ LJ
2/18/2006 c8 Ryukai-MJ
I like your story! I hope you don't have stop your story! =(
1/27/2006 c8 Foggybrains
Wow, this is really good ^^. I like it lots and lots and lots and lots. The summary made me a bit skeptical of it, but I read it anyways. ^^ Though when I looked at the thing that tells you when you last updated, and it says like...January 05! Isn't that a bit long to wait? It says in your bio that the next chap is almost done. Lol, Oh well, I hope you update soon ^^.
1/23/2006 c8 5Red RoseDragon
Oh, lord, two years? That's not fair! (sigh, yes, I know, RL happens...) I'm instantly in love with this story. Gad, I need to get my hands on an N64 again... in any case, you're a superb author and artist (looked on your DeviantArt, and was amazed), and you keep leaving cliffhangers that make me want to scream. Damn.

*bows most respectfully to Wyna and muses* Please find inspiration and write more of your excellent story so I may have a bloody good time reading it. I am a selfish reader, and I crave more. *leaves offering of godly Pocky*
1/6/2006 c1 vashman2005
Omg I loved Statistic Shades! So far I love this too!...I LOVE YOU! Wewt. Sorry I had to get that out of my system.
12/31/2005 c8 Ikana Sesako
Rayne:...holy shit...I love this story.

Evil Rayne:YEAH, but the person hasn't updated in like...A FUCKING YEAR!

Rayne:Calm down. This story is very good...I didn't really see any mistakes...


12/29/2005 c8 1Emotionally-Yours
Holy Shit. Do you KNOW what a great story this is? I understand your not writing much, because everyone's got a life, I guess, but this is a great story and I EXTOL it and its author. It sounds like a loud of kiss-ass bull, but I really love the plot, the world you've created, and the characters- I love Sheik's narrative and his personality. So, that's all; great job.
12/24/2005 c8 clydeside
What a shame this hasn't been updated in so long! I've just come across this fabulous story, but I guess it won't be finished... But yes. This story is amazing. I like the pace, I like your lovely combination of narrative and dialogue (without making either burdensome). I generally don't like stories written in first person, but hey. You also write first person with a very impressive flair. And I think your characterization is fantastic. You've given Link, Sheik and Zelda distinct personalities, and keep them acting accordingly. And it's Link/Sheik with a good plot. My god. Good work. I hope you decide to come back to this story someday!
12/13/2005 c8 velchan
It's almost 2am, and I am on the edge of my seat after reading all of these chapters. Just... speechless and full of awe. PLEASE continue!
11/18/2005 c8 Amaranth
Ha, me again, after reviewing both Sadistic Shades and the other one in Sheikah I can't spell because of accents and such.

Again, I am left awed. This is very good. The characterisation is fantastic! It really is just amazing, sorry I don't have any constructive criticism but surely it's nice to get compliments occasionally, ne?

I can't wait for the next chapter. Suspense! Suspense!

*is sad enough to check at least once a week*
10/23/2005 c8 4Kawaii Elf Girl
Kya! I found this story because of your picture for it on I love this, update NOW! Please...? ^_^;;
10/18/2005 c5 Watch Me
This is so weird ... I'm wondering about Link too. I want to know what has happened to him; if it is really him! oh, the intrigue!
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