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4/29/2004 c3 2Ikkun
No wonder the story seemed familiar. I read up to chapter 3 before, and it's great to see that you've updated. Good job, I can't wait to read the next chapter.
4/4/2004 c1 AHH
(I have yet to read fic)
Why does every one think Sheik is a guy?*crys in sorrow* She's Zelda for gammers sake!
I don't understand this!*more furustrated sobbing* Can you _please_ explian to me where you people get the idea that poor Sheik is a guy, I _really_ don't understad it!
3/31/2004 c5 7shike77
O.O I love this story~! *dances* ^_^ Makes me wanna write a Sheik/Link ficcy myself. *innocent grin*
3/28/2004 c5 12Tenshisonnet
This is a very good Zelda fic. The first person perspective is written well here. The complete lack of yaoi may warrant this fic's warning to be changed to "shounen ai". Keep writing!
3/20/2004 c5 36Azusasan
Strike me down with a thunderbolt, dear God. I'm SO sorry I didn't review before... ;-; I'm so bad about reviewing. But it was a lovely chapter, just a tad confusing with all the dots and parentheses. But that's just me and my short term memory. Please update soon, I SWEAR I'll review right after I read it! ^^;;
3/10/2004 c5 pradaloz
Okay, I'm slow. I crave forgiveness.
One of the things I'm enjoying the most about this story is the visual quality of your writing. The reader can tell that you're an artist from the way you use words. It's very easy for me to picture everything that's going on in the story. I also love how you've made the characters complex and a bit mysterious. It's a treat not to have transparent characters in a Zelda fanfic.
I hope you have the opportunity to work more on this! :)
3/6/2004 c5 27Rosalyn Angel
Finally got around to reading this. Squee.
... I like Japas. He's cute and smart-sounding. Will he make another appearance later? ^_^
Neh? Mauraders with the Queen's seal? X_X Dogs barking at Link and Sheik? - or maybe just at Link? *scrutinizing eye directed toward author* There's sumthin' funny 'bout that boy...
as always, lovely style. ^_^ I felt for Sheik in this chapter. Being hurt and sick is No Fun.
I love the image of Sheik tending to the Royal Family's graves in the rain. Dunno why. It's just uber neat.
o, mysterious voice scene! o! mysterious. XD wonder what/who it is...?
They need to kiss. But, I guess, realistic character development is more important. ^_^
I think that's all the random thoughts/comments I can conjure up for this chappy... ^_^ Look forward to more! XDXD
-RA, out
3/6/2004 c5 koroks rock
This is easily the best of the chapters hencefar. Sheik is advancing quickly as a character, as his guilt and emotions gain history, concentration, and plausibility. Congradulations on making more frugal use of italics, it enriches them immensely.
-koroks rock
2/3/2004 c5 2YukinoHonoo
Youre doing really good with this. Keep it up! =^.^=
2/2/2004 c5 Rai Dragmire
Keep writing! It's really good so far.
2/2/2004 c5 36Rydia Highwind
@_@ Wyna. I think I love you. Now, it is your duty to poke me until I work on Thanatos. XD
2/1/2004 c4 Rai Dragmire
I like it, keep writing
1/19/2004 c4 amaya-chan
wow! this is awesome! TT.TT it seems like you've stopped updating. TT.TT is it true? ah well-your decision, anywho-great story, it's awesome. hope to see more for it soon. TT.TT
12/17/2003 c4 Avira
wow just wow great art work and great storys its all fantastic
11/27/2003 c4 31BloodRaevynn
An utterly engrossing read, as always. You really have a gift for setting a dark, almost apocalyptic, mood in your writing. I look foreward to more. You might want to subject this to a thurough re-read though; I found a number of small grammatical errors as I was reading this.
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