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9/9/2003 c3 13Syntax
*whistles* Love that cliffhanger, heh. But I have to say this story is drawing me in- you have a unique style of writing I can't help but admire. And not only does this story lack terrible grammar, it actually has a plot. And a good one at that :) Theres a sense of atmosphere in this story very different from other Zelda fics, somewhat darker. *flashes thumbs up* I like it ^_^
8/26/2003 c3 Popcorn Oracle
EEp, curses! A clifhanger, evil, evil, evil. It's been really interesting so far, but I keep waiting for the Link n' Shiek stuff. Keep going! It's grand.
8/23/2003 c3 27Rosalyn Angel
... and I had gotten semi-attached to Nolan, too. I was hoping he would survive and then he and Sheik would become friends or whatever. ^_^ Fat chance, I suppose. *grin* But hey- this is just as good! Yay! LINK! ... but, er, why is he awake and why is he there? ^_^

I loved the action sequence. XD Whee, much blood and gore! Gotta love the suspense.

I like how you made Sheik submit the role of leader to avoid conflict. It just seems like him. I also like his lil' sixth sense/gut feeling thing. Sixth senses/gut feelings are fun.

... need I ask- more. XD mwah.

*needs to work on HER Sheik ficcy* x_x

-RA, out
8/22/2003 c3 13JJbad
U are one evil SOB. Cliff Hangers are evil. At least we have link. That or Shiek is imagining it please let it be the first oh mighty evil one. Great story I luv it author alert material. XD :) ^_^
8/21/2003 c3 Liang ReConst
Great story your writing here. It's very interesting. Hope you update soon. Later

8/20/2003 c3 9Irken Gir
For some reason, I think Sheik should have kept quiet, ne? ::hentai grin:: Haha, oh well. Another wonderful chapter! Ja ne!
8/19/2003 c3 36Rydia Highwind
You lying fiend! You said this chapter was going to be bad! Gahh. I ALMOST DIED OF SUSPENCE.

Anyway, you already know I love this, and I really honestly think this chapter is at least equal to the others in quality. Keep up the good work, and I will of course continue to stalk you and read the new chapters before you have a chance to tell me that you've updated. ^_^

You make me want to write my own L/S fic! I'll have to settle for the RP for now..

Oh, and.. you're welcome for the name. Yours is much less of a jerk than mine was. XD
8/19/2003 c3 Aoede
Surprise Surprise, Sheik! O.O

I think i already said that i loved this fic, so i won't repeat myself.

Finally, Link came out of the... coma. good. Sheik found him... in a fountain... na-

*gets shot for spoiling story*
8/17/2003 c2 27Rosalyn Angel
*finaly got around to reading this story- and ish verra pleased* ^_^

Hiya, Wyna! I am definitely pleased. ^_^ I love the lil' AU you've brought on- I have to say my favorite detail about it would be Zelda's veil. I dunno why. It's just awesome to picture.

My favorite scene however, would be when Sheik was channeling the Sages and you were describing their voices. Just- egads. That was intense. I adore, and therefore I bow.

I love how you've written Zelda. I can't describe it; she's just so... worn (?). MM. *bows* Ish gorgeous.

I'm wondering about this prophecy thing! *pouts* Need to know more. What's this evil from the east? And why is Link in a coma? When he's gonna wake up? *stomps foot* I demand more!

^_^ *huggy*

-RA, out
8/11/2003 c1 Saiya00
I -really- liked this story! I give it an A+! Keep writing on it, I'm anxious to read some Link/Sheik yaoi ^_~
8/8/2003 c2 octavia
it was really really good! i loved it, you have to continue!
8/8/2003 c1 Tola Burke
I don't understand...

What has happened to make Zelda 'corrupt'?
8/7/2003 c2 9Irken Gir
That was very and truly beautifully written.

While I neared the middle of chapter two, I felt very relaxed and calmed, somehting that never happens when I read fanfictions.

But I am now sucked into this and am off to read the other fic you mentioned. Well, looking forward to installment three.

8/6/2003 c2 Radia
I've long since worshipped you since reading the wonderfully angsty Sadistic Shades. I'm so pleased that you're taking another stab at OOT fanfiction.

I know you said that one-liner reviews don't really help you(and this is hardly one liner, but it's not really critiquing either), but I really find no faults in this. I DID get a bit confused when you mentioned that the Kokoris came to get Link, as they'll die if they leave the forest, but you mentioned creative liberties, so I can let it slide. The Zelda = uber-bitch deal also usually bugs me, but your reasoning seems very justified. I respect you for taking your time and building on everything.

I apologize for this pointless review, but I just had to tell you how much I'm enjoying this already. BTW, art is something I'd definitely like to see. While I'll probably be obsessively sketching out little scenes from this myself, I'd love to see some work from the writer herself.

Anyway, wonderful work so far, keep it up.
8/6/2003 c2 36Rydia Highwind
I do so hate it when you end chapters like that. ;_; Write more.
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