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4/22/2010 c19 thefunkyfunk
Before I commend you on how heart-crushingly sad (and powerful) this story was I have to say that the last time I read this fic was in 2005, long before its completion. Part of me doubts that you will ever read this review but honestly it's worth it to mention that after four years, returning to this story after looking through my bookmarks was an honest pleasure.

Which, of course, made the ending even more soul-crushingly sad. It's a suiting end and a sad one.

Well done.(:
1/10/2010 c19 16Sunnepho
Yeah, er, wow. Intense. The ending is perfect for this story, and you've been hinting at it all along so I wasn't entirely surprised, but still, I can't help but wish... that somewhere, somehow, they can live freely without having to bow to duty.
12/7/2009 c19 15Namesake
What an epic story. With that Epic.
10/30/2009 c19 10Shay-sama
Now that I've read your ending i know it can't end any other way. It was always meant to be a tragic love. Of course im sad and im considering hunting you down and murdering you but in the end you're absolutly right. Im just one of those people that believe in happy endings. Most likely because we have enough sad endings in real life so if we're going to make up a different reality might as well make it end on a happy note. Then again there is a subtle happy ending here and i do appreciate that. Your writing was beautifully done and it was a very good read. I thank you much for contributing this art to the FF world. All in all it was awesomesauce on an epic burger. :D

the one and only
6/12/2009 c19 Vrkz
I dont really know what to say about it. Wonderful writing, wonderful characterization, descriptive, everything I could ever hope to read in a story. Everything was perfect...

...right up until the end. As soon as I read the last few paragraphs, I just went "No. No,no,no,no, NO!" (Something like that.) I know you have heard it a hundred times. It's a masterfully crafted story, including the ending, and I can appreciate why you would write such a conclusion. For a little while, I utterly HATED this story just because of the ending. I threw everything I liked about it out the window, it didn't matter. I have since made peace with it, though, and decided to write my own zelda fic. You, I must say, were the biggest influence in that decision ^_^ So i suppose I can't hate it too much. Thank you for this wonderful contribution to the english language and the Zelda Universe. Cheers,


"I start where the last Sheikah left off." - Adapted from Thomas Edison
4/18/2009 c19 1nautikitti
Luvd it, specially all the twists
3/20/2009 c19 8Timothy the paperclip
Is there going to be more? I really adored this fic. Made me sad at the end. Kind of a bitter sweet ending. But it was really good. I love Sheik and Link together. And Sheik and Zelda as different people even more. This story is probably the best fic, I've seen in the whole Zelda section. So, I would like to thank you for this gem of a fic. I truely hope there is more.

Lots of love,

Reili Takamara

Akira Shidaico

Peace out, dude.
3/2/2009 c19 48Oceans in Hand
Eh...I liked it well enough in the middle, but the beginning was kind of dull and the ending was...well, you know what the ending was. It was a twist that I didn't appreciate. Don't mean to sound rude, just honest, I promise. On the bright side, you're a good write and your grammar is wonderful! Your stories- or, this one at least- just aren't my cup of tea. Lucky I'm only one person ;-)
2/6/2009 c1 3Silent Echoes
So I have to say, I've been reading your fanfiction for a while... I actually came across this story shortly before you finished the story. I have to say... it's amazing! Such character development and backstory... such an elaborte world you've created. And when Sheik made that final choice, I wanted to simultaneously shake him for being so adamantly loyal to Zelda and sob for his incredible sense of duty, even over his longtime ally and love interest.

Thank you for posting such an incredible story, and for sticking with it for over four years. The last couple of chapters you posted were the perfect finish to the story; even though I wanted to cover it up with my own fluffy dreams of impossible happy endings, it fit perfectly and truly completed the story.

But I want to ask, what happened to your other fanfiction? Like "Sometimes It's Got to Hurt Before You Feel" or "Promise" of "A Nocturne Beneath the Lake," or the other gorgeous pieces that were there? They showed up as results when I googled them, but when I click the link, says that the story is not found... Did you remove them? (Or rather, can you reupload them?) I really enjoyed reading them... and I'm sorry I never got around to commenting on them. You have such incredible writing style. The characters are so well-developed and perfectly voiced, and the vignettes are so intriguing. I'd really like to read them again...
1/14/2009 c19 9anime-wolf-child
One of the most well written and griping stories on FF to be sure! It's amazing and keeps you hooked all the way through, and the ending is well worth it. Really well done!

12/24/2008 c19 9Toki Mirage
Oh my god. I can't believe you did that. I can't BELIEVE... That was the most twisted ending ever. *speechless* I just... I don't know what to say... awesome fic, but... *sighs in frustration* how am I supposed to bloody express myself if I can't put spoilers in the review? argh! Wicked fic, but I hate your ending. I like happiness, badguy (or girl) gets what's coming to them, good guy gets the girl (or in this case, boy). Epic fic, but still. The ending. From a neutral standpoint, you pulled a very nice twist, from a link-lover standpoint, I hate you.

^^ Thanks for the great fic!

12/24/2008 c19 Pen-Versus-Sword
Decent story. I enjoyed it. It was thought-provoking and very powerful. I've been following it for a while, and finally decided to review. Good show.

But I have one teensy question for you: why did you review your own story? Your review is right at the top of the reviews list. It's hard not to recognize your profile pic. ;) Did one of your friends decide to review and forget to sign you out? It happens. XD

Anyways, good job.
11/12/2008 c19 18sheiksleopardthong
Amazing. The first LinkxSheik for me. I just-

I almost cried when Sheik 'betrayed' Link when he told him about the barrier!

Your writing style is great.
11/5/2008 c19 51StarDuchess
oh, you have me in thrall, lady! Awesome story, awesome writing, many of those scenes were so HOT! The ending was very heart-wrenching but your foreshadowing clearly led in that direction. Kudos for good follow through. I appreciated your expansion of Hyrule: in a real-world setting it WOULD take days to cross each piece of land. I'm tired of these fanfics that have the characters crossing field, lake, dessert and mountains all within a day. Thanks for that bit of realism.
10/12/2008 c19 1Shadowy Pheonix
An amazing story! The ending was hinted so much and I didn't even notice it until I read it and then I felt stupid. IT WAS SO OBVIOUS BUT NOT. I know that doesn't make sense, but its the best zelda story I've ever read! Its only the second one with that pairing that

*Might spoil the ending a bit, don't read if you haven't finished it!*

doesn't end happy, and it really puts emotion in the reader! And I'm sure someone has asked this already but I must know! What does Aceilux mean? I searched everywhere I could think of!

Great story! Better then 'the color of red'!
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