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9/22/2008 c19 Account Exanimated
A! This a beautiful story :) But dammit I hate Sheik's loyalty *shakes fist* WAH! *woes for Link's (and I suppose Sheik's too) loss*But aside from the end, it was a very interesting, creative story. Beautifully written. I SHALL FAVORITE!
9/12/2008 c8 121Razer Athane
Damn, that was an intense piece of work, Wyna.
9/11/2008 c19 15Barra Arisa Sanguine
I think a part of me just died. I'm shocked and speechless and staring at the computer screen with wide eyes. I think this story like broke my mind. But it was SO good! God, I LOVE your stories, they're amazing. You just blow my mind, I don't think I'd have seen that ending coming in a million years! I *slaps hand over mouth to not spoil it* Look, you people who read the reviews before the story NEED to read this story!

Wyna, you're like my god.
8/5/2008 c19 2Lady Linwe
Why? why why why? omg! i am in utter shock! I cant believe how it ends! Dont get me wrong it is a great story but why?
7/7/2008 c7 121Razer Athane
I haven't finished reading yet but this story is a gem. Great job so far :D
7/2/2008 c19 The Orange Cow
Wow... That was an amazing(if depressing) ending. It's hard to believe it ends like that, but there you go. Great job!

I must thank you greatly for finishing this story; I read part of it a while ago, but forgot about it. I was a pleasant surprised to see it finished while browsing the Zelda section.

By the way, I can't help but ask: what does Aceilux mean? I hope I don't sound ignorant, but after trying Wiki, Google, and Urban Dictionary, I have yet to really find a clear meaning...

Again, thanks a ton for finishing it; you rock!
6/12/2008 c1 7Mother of Ducklings
I'm pretty sure this is amazing.
4/29/2008 c1 UltimateSacrifice
I would just like to say i envy you. I watch you on DA and loved your Sheik art. Well after following a link here and reading all 19 chapters, i would just like to say...I LOVED IT!

I think you have a very mature sense of writing and the way you captured Sheik's personality i thought was perfect. You made him exactly what i ever thought he would be if he had been an actual character. I also must say the little twist you put at the end of the story was phenomenal! Outstanding! I can't wait to read another novel. lol.

Literally this kept me up all night reading, i think i was even late to work the next morning because of it.

Please keep the amazing stories coming.

DeviantArt: astralguy

FanFiction: UltimateSacrifice
4/22/2008 c19 2Pass the Porn Tea
Holy shiz. I don't even know what to say. My mouth is literally hanging open in shock. The ending was... wow, intelligent, even if it was incredibly painful. I think part of my shock lies in the fact that someone managed to weave such an incredible fan fiction. I think this story is probably only the third out of the thousands I've read that has been this intricate and convincing.

Christ. Excuse me if this review was unintelligible. I just... wow. Thank you for writing such an excellent piece.

4/20/2008 c19 Enmei
Oh. My. I've started this story a couple of times in the past, but it was only this time that I've actually gotten all the way through it, and I'm very glad that I have. The ending is quite depressing, and I feel as bad for Sheik than as for anyone.

I also like the fact that any mature themes that you created merely added to the story, or in the very least, character development. Too many authors just run away with it..

I adore how you built up to the final climax, though, I mean, the facts were all there, and the readers could try to piece it all together. Somehow, though, I didn't quite piece it to that degree and I think there is certainly an epic quality to your work.

Fanart, fanfiction... you're certainly gifted, huh? I'll be sure to check out further work from you. But man... the character development was truly phenomenal, particularly around Link.

This was truly a story that just had me sort of gaping at the last line and then smiling in an odd sort of way. It doesn't butter things up to say the least, and it certainly shows where Sheik's priorities lie.
4/6/2008 c1 Mourning Memory
Holy cow, this can't be the end of it! I've been reading this sucker for years now and I get a restricted throat and teary eyes for an ending? Despite this, its a wonderfully written, powerefully gripping (suspenseful beyond words!) saga of everyone's favorite OoT pairing... Well, at least my favorite OoT pairing. You must do more with them, even if it can't be with this story! Well done, Wyna!
3/20/2008 c19 1Sefriu
Wow. That's all I can say. Really awesome fanfic and twist on the whole Zelda world.

The choices we make... based on the beliefs we carry... heh.

If there's a sequel to this, I'm totally reading it. Keep up the amazing work. :D
3/18/2008 c19 20Emeral Wolf hes that was so awsomebut the ending was..depressing...but it was still awesome...i just never expected it to end that way..*sniff*
3/11/2008 c19 4Moiras
this deserves
3/2/2008 c19 5Lissalaa

It's been awhile since this one was started, and it's always been my favorite. It's hard to believe it's over.

Well done, Wyna. :) It was awesome.
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