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2/11/2008 c19 Mizuhara-Max
Awe i really loved that. One of the few long stories i will read.
2/7/2008 c19 13Anime Huggler
...just pure amazing writing. I can't believe it's's been almost 5 years since I latched onto this bad boy, and no there will be no more chapters. But it was wonderful until the end. Wyan, your amazing and I'll keep an eye out for you at your LJ...or until you make another story here ;D Good luck! Never stop writing!

*Cries buckets for everyone in the forest*
2/7/2008 c19 4Jade the Grey
I absolutely loved your story! You have a great talent for writing and I hope you keep it up!

I’ve never read a fanfiction that could grasp me the way your story did. I seriously cried XD

I’ve now read all of your work and I hope you will write that Aceilux prequel, I’m realy looking forward to it!

Thank you for an amazing read and good luck with future projects.
2/6/2008 c19 6Moonlight Mile
I...but you...Buh!

This was an awesome ending, but wow. I didn't expect him to... yeah.

Damn. It's really hard to leave a nice, fat review for you when I know I can't spoil anything.

I guess I can only say that I really, really liked this fic (even if the ending was a little frustrating to me).

I kinda expected Sheik to do something different, you know? To me, it felt like he didn't do the right/smart thing (at least, in my perspective). He reminds me of The Operative in Serenity a little bit, being driven by that kind of loyalty. Although, the Operative was damn cool, and so is Sheik.
2/5/2008 c19 22Aurora-Kayd
I don't want to say anything that could potentially spoil, of course, but this was amazing.

It really gets you emotionally. I'm sad to see it over with, but am happy that I got to see it all the way through. I'm sure I'll be thinking about it for at least the rest of the night.

Thank you for sharing this :3
2/5/2008 c19 Arien Silverleaf
God, what a heartbreakingly REAL ending to this epic fic. You wove a brilliant story in Aceilux, deep and impacting but also so unbelievably human. My heart aches for everyone in this story, and to make every character sympathetic is quite the feat. I won't go into detail so as not to leave spoilers, but I do stand in awe of how everything was wrapped up in that ending. And the questions that were left afterwards. I'd say that I would love a sequel, but really I think it's better that things are left the way they are: raw and unfinished, the way stories truly are. Nothing ever truly ends, and those that are left are forced to keep going on.

Haunting and beautiful, Wyna. Thank you.
2/5/2008 c19 typing

In a way it's so romantic, but at the same time...

well no spoiling, so beh.


Make happy smut.

*Harasses you about the Generator Gawl story from ages past*
2/5/2008 c19 nah4723985
I can't believe that this is over now.

It was such a wonderful read, and definately one of the best fanfictions I have ever had the pleasure of following. It was touching, powerful and very well-written, and I'm so glad that I did click on it all those years ago.

Well done, seriously. Aceilux was absolutely wonderful.
2/4/2008 c19 2JocelynM
Your story was beautifully written. I've been following this story since you only had 6 chapters up...soo.. 2005 2006 I'm guessing...?

It was a tragic romance that didn't leave me unsatisfied at the end like many tragic stories do. I think this is because of the subtle references to a particular game in the series that hints at a future of some sort for the world.
2/3/2008 c19 4Saeble
I'm in awe. That was a powerful ending to an amazing story.
2/3/2008 c19 Caustic-mind
Beautiful story. It was amazing, right to the end. I couldn't help but cry a little :)
2/3/2008 c19 Chariflame
...Wow. Thats all I can really say about this. I've been following for about a year, which may not seem like much in light of how long you've been writing it for, but it's been one of, if not my favourite fanfictions i've ever read.

The ending was so sad, i'm trying hard not to cry xD; I REALLY do hope you continue to write Zelda fanfiction in the future. I'm so touched by all this.. :P
2/3/2008 c19 3Lil' Miss Spookiness
that was a fun story

thanx fer finally finishing it!


keep up da awesome writin!
2/3/2008 c19 1Lupus Animi
what? WHAT? Ok..confused...but still great writing!
2/2/2008 c19 1Rubysaphire

That was so good!

I'm glad that you finished it! Amazing story, by the way. You're an awesome writer.
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