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9/5/2005 c1 cutieangel-54
Are you serious? Harry likes Ginny. He HATES Draco. And there NOT Gay.
8/17/2004 c4 zack
wowz! koolize... email me wen u update... sik of resigning up for ff.net... kiked off 3 times u no... o well... great tho, cant wait for more... hurry up tho... sorry i didnt come bak online today... and ant was over after registration... o well... um... talk laterz... buhby ^_^
7/12/2004 c1 Erica
That was very intense, interesting but quite sickly! Not everyone in the enchanted world is gay!
6/13/2004 c4 rin
*laughs til her sides hurt* ahh good stuff, good stuff. write more!
3/22/2004 c4 2zelazney
That was...AMAZING! I can't belive what just happened. The potion was to make Harry Have a baby!. I Can, CAN'T wait to ad more. I am A HUGE FAN!
3/22/2004 c3 zelazney
That was so cool. I can't even begin to tell you how cool your writting is. Very ,VERY cool.
2/10/2004 c4 5confusedheart
aw! that is SO SWEET!
omg i want them to hug and kiss and confess their undieing luv 4 eachother and then have sex and then have a baby named hayley!
that wude be SO COOL!
lol jk
2/10/2004 c2 confusedheart
AH! how SCARY!
lol in my last reveiw, i didnt c that ther was another chappie, so i sed update soon lol sorry bout that...im blonde lol
anywayz, that was very scary and i HATE that Rohan guy!
im going to go read the next chappie!
2/9/2004 c1 confusedheart
aw how cute!
that was really good!
update soon, it sounds like itll turn out really good!
r u gunna make ron happier next chappie? :'(
tty in the next review!
2/7/2004 c4 goratea
Oh... I love this so much! The plot, it leaves me mesmerised and so damn anxious for the next chapter! This is truly original and this is beautifully written. Please, please update soon!
2/1/2004 c4 Elebereth
this is a pretty good story and i hope you post more soon!
1/27/2004 c4 28dontgiveahoot
Interesting... very interesting indeed. The POV changes are slightly disjointed, but it works in the story's favour as it creates a stream-of-events effect, showing how the behaviour of one interlaces with the lives of all of them, instead of as isolated incidents.
I'm very curious to discover what's going on in Draco's mind regarding his 'massages' with Rohan - is he trying to use this as an opportunity to discover the other boy's plans, or is he simply trying to have his cake and eat it too? Did he deliberately feed Harry that altering potion, or was someone else to blame for tampering with an honestly-made headache potion - and if so, who? The Ron/Harry dynamic is also fascinating me; I worry about Ron's cutting, and I wonder how long it will be before Harry clues in on the fact that the reason Ron's been acting so strangely is because he loves him. And how does Harry feel about Ron? As for a brother? Lover? Somewhere in between? Does he even know himself? It certainly seems like he doesn't know. When Remus asks specifically if Harry's slept with RON, Harry avoids the question - "I'm practically engaged to Draco!" instead of a flat-out "No, Ron's like my brother!" Speaking of Remus, the parent-child bonding in Lupin's office was really sweet, and I loved it.
Looking forward to more chapters!
12/14/2003 c3 435177
COMPLETELY OOC, but that's okay.
I like it anyway.
Please continue! Update soon!
12/12/2003 c3 emeline
GOD! Continue!
12/12/2003 c3 2snapescookiejar
I am loving this! LOVING THIS! It just keeps getting better and better. I love that Ronnie keeps comfoting Harry whilst he's going out with Draco (who is being an aweful sod, which is good! Ronnie NEEDS to end up with Harry!) And this new bloke (can't remember his name...) is being a huge prick! Death upon him! But still an awesome story with great twists and turns. I'm dying for more. Seriously. *death-like sound from dark corner*
More! More!
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