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for Shake Up My Life

12/14/2019 c8 Guest
Post chapter 9 please!
10/5/2019 c8 Nancy
You promised more chapters. Where are they?
3/26/2019 c1 Guest
Please post the next chapter of the story.
9/2/2015 c8 1puppyface1000
awesome story i hope seto is dealt with soon and i hope that yami and yugi get together as well i also hope that yugi can get cured from all his injuries that seto as caused
2/10/2015 c8 6TMMGYF-M-CH-I-R
Nooooooooo oooooooo oooo ooooooooooooooooooooooo!
11/5/2013 c8 Mirage
That i s really sad that ypi did stop writing this story, i really like her, but Yuugi is really a touch to meek, takes all hurt and does not fight back against Seto or Anzu. How soud he take over the pack when he does not stand up for himself? and he coud get a nice hit at Yami as he traied to play attack the pupps he shoud learn to fight, maybe the pack of Yami can teach him
please come back or let somebody else write this story one day to an end, i really like her...oh and put up Anzu with an big meanie and Seto with somebody strong who can put him a bit in place, maybe a good beating and an time out somewhere else where good for Seto and Anzu in two different contrys
10/20/2012 c8 story lover
I know it been long time but is this every geting update
5/17/2012 c8 The sweetheart
Why are old fics the best?

Awesome storyy it's really really great.

Please update the story.

Pretty please with a chery on top. :)
12/24/2011 c8 diamond78963
get somthing new
11/24/2011 c8 diamond78693
when will you update!
3/12/2011 c8 Faol Ban
This is a really good story please update, can't wait to see what will happen to Seto.
11/16/2010 c8 1SetoKibasPhoenix900
I love your story and i hope you update soon because i would love to know where it goes next.
9/10/2010 c8 Kat
Continue it!

I am very upset that it has been 6 years AND YOU STILL HAVENT POSTED CHAPTER 9 :(
9/23/2009 c8 big fan
I first read this story back in 2004 and even now, I still enjoy coming back and reading it. I wish you could finish it, especially since you mentioned that it was only 2 or 3 chapter away.
8/2/2009 c8 miru
Hey there! your story isvery interesting and I was wondering are you going to pick up this story soon? Cause it's really good...
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