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4/14/2004 c5 Strega
Aw! I drew you a Yami pic. and I just realized you didn't submit an email address!
:( It's fairly good, too! Nya!
4/14/2004 c6 ochibi-chan10
Aw! I wanted to read more! Please update soon!
LOVE your story!(:
4/14/2004 c6 x Hearts
REALLY REALLY GOOD STORY! totally love it! DON'T LET SETO RAPE YUGI! NO...continue soon
4/14/2004 c6 20Silvershadowfire
This is a neat story. I'd love to smack Seto up against a wall for doing that to Yugi, and if I was in Yami's shoes he'd be a dead man. Wolf. Whatever, he'd be six foot under.
The only thing I would suggest is that you use more commas to break up your sentances. It will help both to shorten run-on sentences and clear up confusion in some longer passages. This is something that I do - read the passage out loud to yourself. Wherever you would naturally pause, put a comma. Also, there is no need to repeat yourself in one sentence.
Example: "Who did this to you?" Yami whispered though he already had a pretty good idea who it was.
It would read better as "Who did this to you?" Yami whispered, though he already had a pretty good idea.
See the difference? Please don't take this as a flame, I am enjoying the story very much. I just like to help other writers develop their craft.
Good luck and I look forward to the next chapter.
4/14/2004 c6 8Tenma Kitsune
I thot u abandoned the fic or something! lol, anyways, great job and wow, it really is angsty. Is Yami some super destined Pharaoh to be or something? anyways, update ASAP!
-Tenma Koneko
4/14/2004 c6 32YumeTakato
Seto's eyes a blue
And anyways, I'm so happy you updated! I missed this ficcy! n.n update again soon sometime!
4/13/2004 c6 Strega
Oh, you made me get so mad this chapter. (Very good! You manipulated me to anger. I rarely get pissy during a read)
I kept thinking 'Yugi, put down the damned sandwich and pick up a butcher knife and carve yourself a little Seto instead!' (Growls)
And why is it Yugi's Dad thought that his little heir being raped was 'Okay.' I mean, aren't their any wolfy rules about not taking your mate before you officially claim him/her?
(Still fuming)
While Yugi was being molested, I would read a line and then think 'Come on Yami! Where are you when Yugi needs you!'
(Fuming over)
Well, I got the chapter I requested. And thank you so much for the update. Hopefully someone else's blood will occupy the next chapter (cough-Seto-cough)
Sorry about you being sick and your puppy : (
4/11/2004 c5 Strega
At least give us a tiny chapter just to make sure we don't pass out from anticipation. I mean, Yugi's in trouble and he will remain so until you update. How can you do that to him? :(
Please update!
4/9/2004 c5 yugi's dragon friend
WOW, great story. Please keep writing. I'll be checking in. Thanks.
4/6/2004 c5 balck band aid 450
this is on eof the best stories ever writen on have to write more...pleaassee

i'll take the liberty of bothering you till you do...cuz i want to know what happens..^^;;
4/2/2004 c5 ochibi-chan10
HOW COULD YOU LEAVE IT LIKE THAT AND THEN NOT UPDATE FOR, LIKE 3 MONTHS! I WANT TO READ MORE! hehe, sorry, I just really like the story! Please update really soon!(:
3/28/2004 c5 D
please update please update please update please update please update please update please update please update!
3/27/2004 c5 Rikkeh
I LOVE this story, so please update it soon! Yami is SO incredibly sexy too! *swoons* I've put it on faves, because it's really cool! ^_^ Oh, and is it Seto that's talking to Yuugi at the end? GO BACK AND SAVE HIM, YAMI! GO KICK KAIBAS ASS!
3/20/2004 c5 8Kitty Neko
its been two months, please update soon
3/2/2004 c5 Strega
Okay! Seriously, it's updating time!
You got to the good part. Yugi's in trouble. Seth's a ! And Yami is now in the picture. Come on, bring it on. What next?
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