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11/20/2007 c6 AsatorPrime
This is a good story, I hope you decide to continue it oneday.
12/13/2005 c1 2LadySil
By far the best Metroid fanfic I've looked at on this site yet. You've got some talent. Keep it up!

BTW, I've never heard of K-2L being a colony on Zebes; I've always thought it *was* a planet, and Samus was raised on Zebes by the Chozo, as you have in your story.
6/21/2005 c6 Desert Lynx
Once again, great job!
5/27/2005 c5 Desert Lynx
Nice chapter. I forgot all about this story. Nice to see it updated!
3/8/2004 c4 17Shadow Fox777
Really late on the up dates. But a prity good chapter. I'm not to big on harsh language, but it's your story so I"m not going to juge you there. In this story I knotest you have Samus in a couple of different senerios. YOu have it so she dosen't seem to care, but in fact she dose to a point. Maybe a bit beyond. This must make it diffacult to do sometimes. All in all, a prity good story so far. I hope the next up date comes in a bit sooner than the last one.
2/22/2004 c4 2Graphichaos
I could beta test for you if you would like. I also lke your story backdrift and would like to see more.
p.s. it is graphichaos with one c
sorry for any Inconvenience.
2/16/2004 c4 23The Jack of Spades
So happy you updated! :)

Don't worry about the little fandom details - I've only played Metroid 3, so I'm not familiar with anything beyond that ^^; You're still as good as ever, particularly with dialogue and character development. In this chapter, you had the ability to make me really feel for Natalie, and even if she never makes another appearance in this story again, I don't think I'm going to forget her. That was just one of those scenes that really stick with you. Brava for that!

Oh, and I'd be happy to beta read future chapters if you want me to. My email's in my profile.
2/15/2004 c4 Desert Lynx
Wow, this was good. I think that Samus really wants to show who she is, get attached to Natalie, and wants her to change. It took a while, but it was good. Keep it up!
1/20/2004 c1 17Shadow Fox777
AW Come on, update, please! Look I'm begging!
11/27/2003 c3 Shadow Fox777
WOW. More please.
11/23/2003 c3 Desert Lynx
Not as much with Samus in this chapter, but still a good read anyway.
11/23/2003 c3 23The Jack of Spades
Well-done as always :) Watch out for sentence fragments here and there. I don't think I mentioned this in my first review, but it's so good to see authors like you who experiment with OCs. In most stories they're just in the background somewhere, and that doesn't always work well. You have such talent with them. Can't wait for the next chapter!
10/18/2003 c2 The Jack of Spades
Hey, you're writing here again! Your last Metroid fic was something on Prime if I remember right, but I've never played that game :( I was hoping you'd write something like "Rise from Darkness" again. (You've actually inspired me to get to work on a Metroid story idea of my own, one that I didn't think I'd ever get to write, but anyway...)

This was *really* good, and so well-written. Your pacing is just perfect. One minor thing: 'yea' should be 'yeah', because yea is really pronounced like "yay" and is an Old English word (i.e. Verily, yea, the man hath wit). A lot of people make that mistake.

I really hope you update this soon. And I hope more people start to read this. They obviously don't know what they're missing.
8/12/2003 c2 Desert Lynx
Nice work. Keep it up!
8/10/2003 c1 1NeoRaven
Very interesting. DLed the song and I like it. Doesn't *exactly* scream Metroid at me, but it works none the less. Anywho, please do continue if that's your desire. I've also been working on a Metroid fic of my own with an original character (Samus features later). So far, I only have one chapter posted. Would you be so kind as to give me feedback?
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