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for Don't Let Me Down

5/3/2009 c15 92fooboo24
good! quite, quite! I liked it. And Rogue actually got a relationship and "did it", even if it was a with Remy, who I like to pair with Kitty. But whatever. it was good really.

ha ha!

3/24/2005 c15 1Kigono
me likes alot! Well, written!
10/1/2004 c4 chuckles123
yes i loved it when he got hit in the eye! It only funny till someone gets hurt..then it hilarious!lol
12/13/2003 c15 6butterflybrain
Aww! I like this lots!
10/7/2003 c1 goodbye EVERYONE
O_o; *twitch* that' NO! MAKE A PROLOUGE you silly person! Grr... meesa Lurves Pietro. must read more! i love your spiffy story! keep it up and when i make my ff,(eventually) please read it! ^-^; Danke!
9/21/2003 c15 Purple Rose Fairy
Hey! what happenned to my update? i have been waiting oh what? three months? Even writers block doesn't last that long! no really i was jst joking with you, can you please update this babe? i have been waiting a long time, and it's so good. you can't just give up on it it's too good. i've seen tons of authors who think that their story is so dumb and most of them are too good to be true. your's is way too good to give up on. please write more.
8/18/2003 c15 Jules
sweet sweet love story! especially when Pietro had to prove himself to Kitty and win her heart!
8/16/2003 c15 1X-Girl4
GREAT!God your such a great writer!
8/16/2003 c15 Weeble Wobble Chictoo lazy to sign in

8/16/2003 c15 3K.K.L
*one-two-three*AW! I loved this stroy great job!

8/15/2003 c13 K.K.L
GREAT! Update soon please!

8/15/2003 c14 wintersunlight
hehehe still loving it! remy's so funny! hehehe
8/15/2003 c13 X-Girl4
Hey Im being lazy and not signing in.But I loved this chapter!Oh my god you had me scared there for a minute that Remy was dead!*Crys*
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