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8/14/2003 c5 19Hika-chan1
God those girls just have no luck snowboarding do they? I think they should take up a less hazardous winter sport... like snowman building...
8/14/2003 c12 4Mysfit Chyld
I like this chapter too. Please dont kill off Remy. I like your story but if you kill him off then I dont think I can keep reading. Oh wait Remy was in fallen Angels. He cant die! Hurray! Alright then I will keep reading.
8/14/2003 c12 1X-Girl4
*Whipes sweat away from forehead*God I would so have to break my no flaming rule if you killed off remy LeBeau.lol
8/14/2003 c12 17Mae Liz
That was really good! I liked ita lot! Keep it up!
8/13/2003 c11 wintersunlight
hehehe another good one, lol, keep updating
8/13/2003 c10 1X-Girl4
Intresting.lol.Im sorry you had a bad time on vaccation.I hope the next one you go on is the best!
8/13/2003 c10 wintersunlight
loved the chapter, very good one, hehehe keep updating
8/12/2003 c9 3K.K.L
GREAT GREAT GREAT! I love this stroy! I just love it! Cute! Please update soon!

8/9/2003 c9 1X-Girl4
Great chapters.Welcome for the energy drink and pixie sticks...I dont do the energy drinks...BUT...Pixies are another story...
8/7/2003 c9 miaka
your leaving? NO! how will i survive! *tears stream down my face* oh well! anywayz this is such a great fic! keep it up! we! :)
8/6/2003 c9 8Weeble Wobble Chic
Well,I'll be waiting for ur updates!Like the story,it's pretty cute.^-^
8/6/2003 c8 ReezePeeze88
That was just too funny! I loved how Pietro is trying to get Kitty to go out to the ball with him by proving he has every trait on her To-do-List! And I totally have to agree, Pietro is hot!
8/6/2003 c8 RealityTrance
more! cool story! I want more, lol.
8/6/2003 c8 Dragontamer Shippy-o
MLOL! loved that chapter...YOU...MUST...WRITE...MORE...I'll be waiting! ^_^

p.s. its so funny seeing pietro trying to impress kitty w/ all that stuff...
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